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One Punch Man: World Team Composition and Enhancement Guide

Build the best team in One Punch Man: World!

One Punch Man: World is a 3D-action RPG inspired by the popular One Punch Man anime, which was developed by T3 Studios and published by Perfect World Games. The game boasts impressive graphics that faithfully recreate the anime’s story and epic battles. Crunchyroll Games has shared more information about the game and how to pre-register on different platforms. In this One Punch Man: World Team Composition Guide, we will explore how to create a strong team and enhance it for challenging missions.

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One Punch Man World Tier List
Image via Perfect World Games

In One Punch Man: World, the primary focus is on combat, with the standout feature being the iconic characters. Progressing in the game depends on your ability to conquer various stages and challenges. You’ll have the opportunity to play beloved characters like Saitama and Genos. As players embark on their journey, they’ll enjoy brief yet engaging character interactions.

How to set the Best Team Composition in One Punch Man: Lost Stories

1. Understanding Character Types

There are four distinct character types in One Punch Man: World: Morale-Red, Overpower-Purple, Technique-Green, and Assault-Blue. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses against various enemy types.

One Punch Man World Character Types
Image via Perfect World Games

For a well-rounded and formidable team, it’s crucial to have coverage across these character types. For instance, if you’re facing a group of enemies weak to Technique-Green characters, having one in your team can be the key to victory.

2. Understanding Character Stats

I have learned that building the best team in One Punch Man: World involves maximizing your characters’ designated stats. You can focus on boosting DPS for characters meant for dealing heavy damage, or prioritize other stats to suit their roles.

One Punch Man World character stats
Image via Perfect World Games

For example, if you have a character with strong area-of-effect (AOE) attacks, you might want to enhance their attack and speed stats to clear groups of enemies swiftly.

3. Maximizing Impression Arms

You should also keep in mind that Impression Arms in One Punch Man: World is specialized equipment for each character, offering unique utilities and buffs. Obtaining them through Gacha, Events, Quests, and more is crucial.

One Punch Man World Impression Arms
Image via Perfect World Games

For example, if you have a character who relies heavily on critical hits, equipping an Impression Arm that enhances critical damage can significantly boost their effectiveness in battles.

4. Character Synergy and linking

Creating synergies within your team is vital in One Punch Man: World. Understand the fundamental mechanics of attack links and skill combos.

One Punch Man World party
Image via Perfect World Games

For instance, if you have a character with a stun ability, pairing them with another character who can deal high burst damage during the stun can lead to devastating combos. Mastering these synergies can make your team much more effective in combat.

5. Adjusting Team for Enemy Weakness

Flexibility is key in creating a team in One Punch Man: World. There will be stages where certain enemies are tough to beat without specific character types. In such cases, adjust your team composition accordingly.

One Punch Man World Enemy weakness
Image via Perfect World Games

For example, if you’re up against enemies who receive more damage against Technical-type attacks, bring characters with the Technical-type skill set to break through their defenses effectively. Adapting your team to exploit enemy weaknesses is essential for success in challenging missions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, success in One Punch Man: World boils down to understanding your characters, their types, and their stats. Building a formidable team involves maximizing their potential with the right Impression Arms, mastering character synergies, and being flexible enough to adapt your team to exploit enemy weaknesses. Whether you’re facing tough bosses or challenging stages, a well-balanced and well-equipped team is your key to victory in this action-packed RPG.

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