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One Punch Man: World Character Tier List for February 2024

Be sure to use the best SSR characters in the game!

One Punch Man: World is an upcoming 3D-action RPG inspired by the popular One Punch Man anime. Developed by T3 Studios and published by Perfect World Games, it features impressive graphics that vividly recreate the anime’s storyline and epic battles. Crunchyroll Games has offered more details about the game and options for pre-registration on various platforms. Our One Punch Man: World Character Tier List provides recommendations for powerful characters in both hero and villain categories, as well as their specializations within the game.

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One Punch Man: World Character Tier List for January 2024: Best Characters Ranked

To simplify things, we’ve categorized the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system makes it straightforward for players to understand each character’s capabilities and assemble a formidable team for their adventure.

Strong (S) Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Silvefang,
Atomic Samurai,
Genos-Arms Mode,
Zombieman, King, Hellish Blizzard, Terrible Tornado
Stinger, Mumen Rider
Good (A)Saitama-Dreamworld, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic (Prisoner),
Genos-Cyborg of Justice, Puri Puri Prisoner
Lightning Max,
Spring Mustachio,
Average (B)Saitama-Job Hunting,
Golden Ball, Smile Man,

Since we have invested considerable time in the game, we’ve compiled a tier list that organizes characters based on their rarity. This tier list is designed to assist new players like you in selecting the most suitable characters for their team.

Best Meta Characters in One Punch Man: World for January 2024

In our tier list, we strive to highlight the top characters in each tier, as demonstrated in the previous table. With a substantial roster of characters at your disposal for battle, you have plenty of choices.

Each character in the game comes with its own distinctive qualities, providing a diverse array of options. The game introduces various roles, which contribute to the selection process, turning this list into a matter of personal choice. Character effectiveness can differ based on a player’s preferred playstyle, so what one player finds valuable, another might not.

Best SSR Character – Silverfang

Silverfang stands out as one of the top SSR characters in One Punch Man World. Notably when I tried out Silverfang, his attacks come with a depleting effect that substantially diminishes the damage he takes while simultaneously granting him Ancient Martial Might.

One Punch Man World Silverfang
Image via Perfect World Games

This mightily enhances the potency of his skills, especially when his attacks clash with opponents. Silverfang stands out as a reliable and adaptable character in the game for me at the moment.

Best SSR Character – Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai is another top-tier SSR character based on my experience, he greatly excels in the game’s current contents. His distinguishing feature lies in his unique ability to seamlessly transition between two states, allowing him to accumulate weakness in enemies. This weakness can then be consumed to deliver devastating damage.

One Punch Man World Atomic Samurai
Image via Perfect World Games

Additionally, Atomic Samurai’s powerful attacks have the added advantage of marking his enemies. This makes him an exceptional choice for you if you are seeking a character capable of dealing significant damage to foes.

Best SSR Character – Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

We all know that Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is one of the most formidable villain characters and a top SSR pick in One Punch Man: World, and possesses unmatched speed during battles. What sets him apart is his exceptional speed, a trait that greatly enhances his combat effectiveness.

One Punch Man World Speed o Sound Sonic
Image via Perfect World Games

This enhanced speed translates into swifter normal attacks and reduced skill cooldowns. These attributes collectively establish Speed-o’-Sound Sonic as a dominant DPS character, perfect for you, if you are looking to inflict rapid and consistent damage in battles.

Best SSR Character – King

King stands among the elite characters, we can consider him as one of the top choices among players. His remarkable strength lies in his extraordinary abilities. King possesses the unique capability to deflect all energy attacks, making him virtually impervious to this particular form of assault.

One Punch Man World King
Image via Perfect World Games

However, his most amazing ability is the power to pause time, a feat that allows him to decisively finish off enemies. This time manipulation skill sets him apart, hence making us put him currently in the S-tier.

Best SSR Character – Genos-Arms Mode

Genos is a beloved character from the One Punch Man series and a top SSR choice. We have learned that his skill set demands precision timing, and when executed with finesse, it results in massive normal attack damage. Genos also possesses the unique ability to stack Firepower for his skill set.

One Punch Man World Genos Arms Mode
Image via Perfect World Games

This stacking mechanic empowers him to deliver formidable long-range DPS, making him an excellent choice for players who prefer to engage in battles from a distance.

Best SR Character – Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is a recognizable figure from One Punch Man, and we have learned that he is one of the best SR characters in the game. His unique abilities include the capacity to restore stamina and accumulate Justice Mach in another state, which subsequently enables him to enter the Bicycle Holding state.

One Punch Man World Mumen Rider
Image via Perfect World Games

In this state, Mumen Rider becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of delivering a substantial amount of damage to his enemies. His role as a dependable SR character ensures that players can enjoy his unique skills and contributions to their team.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the world of One Punch Man: World is brimming with an assortment of characters, each bearing a unique set of abilities and attributes. The tier list serves as a valuable guide to assist you in identifying the best options within their respective tiers, based on our current expertise in the game.

With a diverse cast of characters, the choices available are extensive, offering a rich tapestry of strategic possibilities. These characters are not merely rated in isolation; they are defined by the roles they play in the game.

Did you find this One Punch Man: World Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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