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One Punch Man: World: Tips to earn World Silver in the game

Earn world silver in the game more efficiently!

One Punch Man: World is a 3D-action RPG inspired by the popular anime, developed by T3 Studios and published by Perfect World Games. With stunning graphics, it faithfully portrays the anime’s story and battles. Crunchyroll Games offers additional game details and options across platforms. This guide will help you earn World Silver in One Punch Man: World, the premium currency, by exploring in-game methods.

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How to get more World Silver in One Punch Man: World

1. Do story quest

Through my journey in One Punch Man: World, I’ve discovered that completing Story Quests is a surefire way to accumulate World Silver. These quests become accessible once you attain a specific player level, offering a chance to earn characters based on your performance.

One Punch Man World Quests
Image via Perfect World Games

By striving to achieve higher star ratings in these challenges, I’ve unlocked valuable rewards, making it imperative not to overlook these lucrative opportunities for progression.

2. Do World quest

In my exploration of One Punch Man: World, engaging with NPCs offering Side Quests has proven to be a fruitful endeavor. Recognizable by the exclamation marks above their heads, these NPCs present optional tasks that contribute to both the depth and rewards of the gameplay experience.

One Punch Man World Quest
Image via Perfect World Games

While not mandatory, completing these quests is an addition to the narrative and provides additional avenues for earning World Silver, making them a worthwhile pursuit for any dedicated player.

3. Do achievements

In my quest for riches within One Punch Man: World, I’ve learned the importance of diligently completing Achievements. These milestones offer a structured way to accumulate World Silver by accomplishing various in-game objectives and challenges.

One Punch Man World achievements
Image via Perfect World Games

By striving to meet these goals, I’ve consistently bolstered my currency reserves, enabling further progression and character development as I continue to explore the game.

4. Growth fund

Utilizing Growth Funds has been a game-changer in earning World Silver within One Punch Man: World. These funds provide a strategic avenue for investing in character growth and progression, ultimately leading to increased rewards over time.

One Punch Man World achievements growth fund
Image via Perfect World Games

By wisely allocating resources to the development of my characters, I’ve not only strengthened my roster but also maximized my earning potential, establishing a solid foundation for continued success in the game.

5. Free redeem codes

Finally, I’ve found that keeping a vigilant eye out for free redeem codes is a simple yet effective strategy for acquiring World Silver in One Punch Man: World. These codes, when available, offer a quick and effortless means of boosting your in-game currency reserves without the need for real money purchases.

One Punch Man World gift code
Image via Perfect World Games

By staying informed and actively seeking out these codes, I’ve been able to consistently augment my resources, empowering me to further give myself in the thrilling world of One Punch Man.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, earning World Silver in One Punch Man: World is essential for progressing through the game and unlocking valuable rewards. By completing Story Quests, engaging in Side Quests, fulfilling Achievements, utilizing Growth Funds wisely, and keeping an eye out for redeem codes, players can steadily accumulate this premium currency.

Did you find the best ways to earn World Silver in One Punch Man: World helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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