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Order & Chaos: Guardians Reroll Guide and Tips

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Order & Chaos: Guardians, an  MMORPG by Exptional Global. Explore the fascinating continent of Arkland, where gods are asleep, and faith is on the edge. Build a strong team of heroes from different races, face mysteries, and take on tough enemies. Order & Chaos: Guardians is a thrilling game, and starting fresh can make it even more fun. This Order & Chaos: Guardians Reroll Guide will help you understand rerolling in the game, so you can kick off a new adventure and enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

How to reroll efficiently in Order & Chaos: Guardians

Many mobile games have gacha systems, where players reset accounts to get preferred characters or items. Rerolling in Order & Chaos: Guardians is simple; it involves specific steps to save time and reroll efficiently. In the early game stages, players experience character interactions, gameplay introductions, and battles. This phase is ideal for rerolling, letting you skip or fast forward through cutscenes. As you advance, you’ll get rewards and access to the Gacha system for powerful items.

Order & Chaos: Guardians Reroll Guide for Android Devices

Follow these steps to efficiently reroll and secure the best initial advantages for your adventure:

  • Launch Order & Chaos: Guardians on your device, initiating with a guest account.
  • Progress through the tutorial and navigate chapters 1-4 to unlock summoning, securing a complimentary summon ticket.
  • Seamlessly complete chapters consecutively, reaching up to chapters 1-12, and claim 10 free summon tickets.
  • Broaden your options by accumulating additional summoning tickets from various sources.
Order & Chaos Guardians Summon
Image via Exptional Global
  • If content with your progress, link your game account to Google or Facebook to preserve it.
  • If dissatisfied, log out and switch to a different guest account for a reroll and a fresh start.

Order & Chaos: Guardians Reroll Guide for iOS Devices

Rerolling in Order & Chaos: Guardians works the same way on both iOS and Android. Just follow the steps mentioned above for a successful reroll in the game.

How to reroll on an Emulator in Order & Chaos: Guardians

To streamline the reroll process in Order & Chaos: Guardians, you might want to utilize emulators such as BlueStacks, LDPlayer, or Memu. These emulators simplify the management of multiple reroll options simultaneously, providing user-friendly features for an efficient experience. If you face setup challenges, consult official guides or seek assistance online. Follow these simple steps to start rerolling with emulators:

  • Install the game on a 64-bit emulator for enhanced performance.
  • Launch the game, complete the download, and then close it.
  • Alternatively, use the emulator’s APK Installer to install the game by downloading its APK file.
  • Generate multiple game clones from the emulator’s Manager menu, adjusting according to your computer’s capabilities.
  • Initiate the reroll process on each cloned instance one at a time.
  • If the desired outcome is not achieved, delete the cloned instance and create new ones from the main instance.
  • Once you secure the desired results, designate that account as your official one and proceed to play the game with it.

How to bind a game account in Order & Chaos: Guardians

To seamlessly link your game account in Order & Chaos: Guardians, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Order & Chaos: Guardians game on your device.
  • Head to the Settings located at the top right of the screen.
  • In the User Center, select Bind Account.
  • Choose your preferred third-party account to bind with, such as Google or Facebook.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts or verification steps to confirm the binding securely.
  • Remember to save your changes before exiting the settings to complete the account linking process. This ensures your progress is securely stored and can be accessed across platforms.
Order & Chaos Guardians Bind Account
Image via Exptional Global

To ensure a successful reroll in Order & Chaos: Guardians, follow these guide steps carefully. This process allows you to optimize your character selection and enhance your overall gaming experience.

That’s all from us for the Order & Chaos: Guardians Reroll Guide! Did you find our Order & Chaos: Guardians Reroll guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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