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Order & Chaos: Guardians Tips to earn Diamonds in the game

Earn Diamonds easily with this tips!

Embark on an epic MMORPG journey with Order & Chaos: Guardians, brought by Exptional Global. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Arkland, where gods rest and mysteries abound. Diamonds, the premium currency in the game, hold the key to unlocking new possibilities. Follow these tips, and may your hero’s path be paved with riches. This article is here to provide essential tips on earn Diamonds in Order & Chaos: Guardians.

If you’re new to Order & Chaos: Guardians, explore our beginner’s guide and tier list for crucial tips. Don’t forget to grab in-game freebies by checking out the available redeem codes!

In Order & Chaos: Guardians, diamonds serve as the premium currency, providing a boost to your gaming journey. These valuable gems can be used for various purposes, from acquiring premium items to summoning powerful heroes.

How to get more Diamonds in Order & Chaos: Guardians

1. Claim AFK Rewards

Regularly check and claim AFK rewards from the Castle, providing an effortless way to accumulate diamonds while offline. These rewards are based on the time your heroes spend idle, allowing you to passively gather resources and diamonds.

Order & Chaos Guardians AFK Rewards
Image via Exptional Global

The longer your heroes remain AFK, the more lucrative the rewards become. Ensure to visit the Castle frequently to claim your accumulated diamonds and other valuable resources.

2. Complete Chapters in Expedition

Completing chapters in the Expedition not only advances the storyline but also offers diamonds as rewards, providing an incentive for exploration.

Order & Chaos Guardians Expedition Rewards
Image via Exptional Global

Each chapter presents unique challenges and opportunities, and conquering them not only unfolds the narrative but also enriches your resource pool. As you progress through Expedition chapters, keep an eye out for the diamond rewards.

3. Clear Floors in Twisted Space

To earn diamonds in Twisted Space, battle strategically and deal efficient damage within the one-minute time limit. You can attempt each stage as many times as needed, but rewards can only be claimed once daily, resetting thereafter.

Order & Chaos Guardians Twisted Space
Image via Exptional Global

Progress unlocks new difficulties, providing ongoing chances to earn diamonds. After clearing Difficulty 10, you gain the ability to sweep previous levels the next day, ensuring a steady flow of diamonds.

4. Complete Achievement Quests

By finishing eight daily quests, you not only engage in diverse in-game activities but also unlock rewards, including diamonds. These quests cover different aspects of the game, encouraging you to explore and achieve various goals each day.

Order & Chaos Guardians Quest
Image via Exptional Global

Whether it’s battling enemies, advancing in the story, or hitting specific milestones, each completed quest brings you valuable diamonds, making your daily adventures more rewarding.

5. Clear Stages in Mirror Trials

Clear stages in Mirror Trials, even if you don’t achieve a perfect three-star rating, are still rewarding. However, the real gem lies in the first clear of each stage, as it brings forth an exclusive diamond reward.

Order & Chaos Guardians Mirror Trials
Image via Exptional Global

Embrace strategic gameplay, conquer the trials, and with every victorious first clear, you not only progress but also enhance your diamond reserves for future adventures.

Final Thoughts

Embark on your adventure in Order & Chaos: Guardians with savvy strategies to gather diamonds and level up your gameplay. Grab those AFK rewards, conquer Expedition challenges, and dive into the intense battles of Twisted Space and Mirror Trials for your precious gem haul.

Completing Quests also adds to your diamond riches. These tips are your key to boosting heroes and enjoying an epic journey in the magical world of Arkland. Follow these tips to empower your heroes and enhance your gaming adventure in the magical world of Arkland.

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