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Order & Chaos: Guardians Team Composition Guide

Build your Ultimate Team with these tips!

Dive into the MMORPG world of Order & Chaos: Guardians, brought to life by Exptional Global. Assemble a formidable team to conquer challenges and enemies. Crafting an effective team composition is essential for success in battles and progression through the game. In this Order & Chaos: Guardians Team Composition Guide, we’ll explore the key elements of team composition and offer insights to help you build a powerful and synergistic lineup.

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How team role works in Order & Chaos: Guardians

In Order & Chaos: Guardians, each hero’s class determines their role in battle, influencing their position on the battlefield and their primary functions. Here’s how the different classes work:

Order & Chaos Guardians Faction
Image via Exptional Global

Blood Knights

These heroes serve as tanks, absorbing damage and protecting the team. They excel in the front line due to their high health points (HP) and ability to reduce incoming damage. While they have lower attack (ATK) and defense (DEF) stats, their priority is to engage enemies directly and soak up damage for their allies.


Similar to Blood Knights, Warriors also operate as frontline melee fighters but with higher attack power. They prioritize attacking enemies swiftly and have abilities that enhance their survivability, such as increased dodge rates and HP recovery after dodging. Warriors boast high ATK and HP stats, making them formidable damage dealers on the front lines.


These heroes are ranged attackers, specializing in dealing high damage from a distance. While they have lower HP than melee heroes, their superior damage output compensates for their vulnerability. Rangers prioritize targeting enemies from afar and have high ATK stats, making them essential damage dealers in battles.


Mages are also ranged heroes but focus on dealing with magical damage and providing support through healing abilities. They target enemies with their spells and have moderate ATK speeds. Additionally, their basic attacks inflict additional damage on the target, making them versatile assets in battles.


Monks are ranged heroes that serve as buffers and debuffers in battles. They prioritize supporting their allies by enhancing their abilities and weakening enemies. While they have average ATK and HP stats, their healing abilities make them valuable assets for sustaining the team’s health during prolonged fights.

Facion Counters

Faction counters in Order & Chaos: Guardians add an extra layer of strategy to team compositions and battles. Knowing the factional relationships helps in creating effective lineups and countering opponents. Here’s a breakdown of faction counters:

  • Defiant > Nature Keepers > Sentinel > Defiant: This circular relationship forms a faction counter cycle. Defiant heroes are strong against Nature Keepers, Nature Keepers have an advantage over Sentinels, and Sentinels, in turn, counter Defiant heroes.
  • Light vs. Dark: The Light and Dark factions counter each other directly. This means Light heroes have advantages over Dark heroes, and vice versa.

Examples of Team Composition in Order & Chaos: Guardians

1. Balanced Team

Blood Knight, Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Monk

Order & Chaos Guardians Lineup
Image via Exptional Global

A balanced team is crucial for success. Place the tough Blood Knight and Warrior at the front to take hits. Then, position the Ranger, and Mage for damage. Finally, the Monk supports with buffs and debuffs. This mix ensures your team can handle different challenges effectively.

2. High Damage Team

2 Ranger, Monk, Warrior, and Mage

Order & Chaos Guardians Lineup
Image via Exptional Global

For a high-damage approach in Order & Chaos: Guardians, assemble a potent team. Position the Ranger in the back row for maximum damage output, while the Mage and Monk provide ranged attacks and healing. Strategically place the Warrior to deliver powerful attacks. This setup focuses on dealing significant damage to swiftly overcome opponents.

3. Healing Team

Monk, 2 Warrior, and 2 Mage

Create a Healing Team for a resilient strategy. Place the Monk strategically to buff allies, debuff enemies, and provide healing. Utilize the Warrior with a high attack and dodge rate to enhance survivability.

Order & Chaos Guardians Lineup
Image via Exptional Global

Position the Mage for ranged attacks and additional healing, ensuring a balanced mix of offense and defense. This composition focuses on evading enemy attacks and maintaining sustained health through healing abilities.

Final Thoughts

In the dynamic world of Order & Chaos: Guardians, mastering team composition is a key aspect of your journey. Whether you opt for a balanced team or a high-damage lineup, understanding your heroes’ roles and synergies is crucial. Experiment with different compositions, adapt to challenges, and forge a team that suits your playstyle. With strategic positioning and a thoughtful approach, you’ll lead your heroes to victory in the enchanting realm of Arkland.

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