Pokémon GO: How to fix the Adventure Sync in the game

Here's how to troubleshoot Adventure sync!

Pokémon GO allows players to get more benefits and rewards for the substantial number of walking hours they put into the game, such as hatching eggs and increasing your Buddy Pokémon’s friendship level. Adventure Sync is an optional feature that allows you to record your kilometers even while the Pokémon GO app is not open. Keeping the app open for consecutive hours may reduce your device’s life, and this feature eradicates most of that issue by allowing the app to run in the background. Here’s how you can fix adventure sync in Pokémon GO.

How to check if Adventure Sync is activated in Pokémon GO

Checking the status of your Adventure Sync is very simple. Go to the settings menu and toggle it off or on over there. It might trigger some permission dialogue box for your device. Accept it, and your Sync is turned on.

Pokemon go weather related visual effects
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How to check if Adventure Sync is tracking your fitness schedule

Make sure your device has the required sensors to track your distance and steps and location permissions are on.

  • For iOS: Go to iOS settings> Privacy> Location Services> Pokémon GO, and set Location permissions in the settings menu.
  • For Android: Ensure that location permissions for the Pokémon GO app are on. Go to your device settings > Apps and notifications > Permissions > and toggle on ‘Location’. Some devices may require a different path to enabling location permissions in the settings menu.

Open your Fitness app and make sure Pokémon Go is added as a connected application.

  • For Google Fit
    1. Make sure Pokémon GO is added to the list under Settings menu > Manage connected applications.
    2. Devices which do not work with Google Fit might not be able to use the Adventure Sync feature. 
  • For Apple Health
    1. Open the Apple Health app.
    2. Go to Sources. 
    3. Under Apps, ensure that Pokémon GO is added to the connected sources list.

How to check Adventure Sync is counting all of your steps and distance

  • Consider that might be a delay of up to several hours for the Pokémon GO app to sync with your Fitness apps. Try restarting the app to update your step count.
  • Fitness data entered manually on either Google Fit or Apple Health will not count as part of Adventure Sync progress.
  • If your device’s battery saver is on, it might hamper the background activity of the Pokémon GO app. To prevent this, turn off your device’s battery saver and/or the battery-saving modes on your fitness apps. Note that Pokémon Go’s inbuilt battery saver feature does not affect Adventure Sync in any way.

Checking Location permissions in Pokémon GO

Certain devices may ask for Location permissions for Pokémon GO every time you open the app, right until you select the always allow location permissions. Though, the first time you install the Pokémon GO app or reinstall it, you may see the following dialogue box:

Select Allow While Using App for now. Once you exit the game, iOS will put forward another permission prompt after some time.

Pokemon Go fix ADvneture Sync
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Select Change to Always Allow for this to ensure that Adventure Sync is always tracking your fitness progress even while the game is not open.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync
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How to disable the Adventure Sync in Pokémon GO

Go to the settings menu in the Pokémon GO app and uncheck the Adventure Sync button.

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