Pokemon GO Stufful (April 2022) Community Day: Best tips and tricks to capture a lot of Pokemon

Best tips to catch Stufful and others!

This month, players will be getting another Community Day of 2022 in Pokemon GO where trainers will see Stufful, the Flailing Pokémon, and its appearance in the wild. The Community Day will also have many bonuses and research tasks and, many more. With Stufful Community Day just around the corner, we want to share some tips to help new and returning Trainers enjoy April Community Day to the fullest. Below are seven tips to help you capture plenty of Stufful, a Pokémon that’s making its Pokémon GO debut during Pokemon GO Stufful April 2022 Community Day.

Best tips to capture Pokemons in Pokemon GO Stufful April 2022 Community Day

1. Use Pinap Berries

Pinap Berries give you twice as much Candy as regular Berries when you catch a Pokémon, and they’re a terrific method to earn a lot of Stufful Candy. When you catch a Pokémon, Silver Pinap Berries boost your chances of getting additional Candy.

With that in mind, now is the time to start saving Pinap Berries for Community Day next weekend. But don’t worry if you run out or need more, you can earn Pinap Berries during Community Day by doing Field Research chores!

2. Maximize your Bonuses

April Community Day will offer tons of exciting bonuses. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • 3× XP for catching Pokémon.
  • 2× Candy for catching Pokémon.
  • Trainers level 40 and above will have double the chance to obtain Stufful Candy XL by catching Stufful.
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours.
  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours.
  • One additional special trade can be made during the event and up to two hours after for a maximum of two for the day.
  • Trades made during the event and up to two hours after the event will require 50% less Stardust.

Use a Lucky Egg at the start of Community Day to get the most out of these perks. This will double the XP you gain by catching Pokémon, resulting in an astounding 6 XP bonus when combined with the event’s bonus. Lure Modules and Incense can also help increase your Community Day. If you turn them on at the start of the event, they’ll last the entire three hours, covering Community Day from beginning to end! Yes, their bonuses combine with Pinap Berries, allowing you to earn even more Candy by catching Pokémon.

3. Get together with friends and enjoy an additional bonus

This month, we’re trying something new: a bonus for Trainer groups who play together! Trainers that collaborate with other Trainers in person will earn additional bonuses with this benefit. The way it works is that if a single Lure Module is used to catch enough Pokémon, the 3 Catch XP boost for Trainers near the Lured PokéStop will be increased to a 4 bonus for 30 minutes!

This benefit will replace the 3 Catch XP bonus, rather than sticking with it. The boost, however, stacks with Lucky Eggs, so consider utilizing one to turn that 4 Catch XP bonus into an incredible 8 bonus!

Pokemon GO April 2022 Sustainability Week
Image via Niantic

During Community Day, catching Pokémon is only half of the pleasure. If you evolve the featured Pokémon during the event (or up to two hours later), it will learn an attack it can’t learn ordinarily!

You’ll gain a Bewear who knows the Charged Attack Drain Punch if you evolve Stufful during April Community Day. This Charged Attack is a new feature in Pokémon GO, and it can give Bewear a defensive advantage in Trainer Battles!

5. There’s always time for a snapshot

Remember to take some photos during Community Day! If you take a picture during the event, specific Pokémon may appear in the frame, giving you the opportunity to catch them. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter a Shiny Pokémon. This only happens during event hours, so be sure to schedule some photo opportunities!

6. Complete Field Research

Make sure to finish as many Field Research assignments as possible to increase your chances of seeing the Pokémon featured during Community Day! If you’re lucky, you might even come across a Shiny Pokémon!

But keep in mind that you can only obtain one Field Research task per PokéStop per day, so getting out and about is essential! The rewards for different Field Research activities may vary, including encounters with the highlighted Pokémon, Candy, Pinap Berries, Ultra Balls, and more!

7. And don’t forget to use a Star Piece

Use a Star Piece if you want to catch a lot of Pokémon in the Pokemon GO Stufful April 2022 Community Day. For a limited time, doing so will raise the quantity of Stardust you earn by 50%. Do you think you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground on Community Day?

Then utilize Incubators to hatch some Eggs—Super Incubators also reduce the distance required to hatch an Egg! If you’re still looking for adventure after Community Day, try a Mossy Lure Module, Glacial Lure Module, Magnetic Lure Module, or Rainy Lure Module. These Lure Modules will attract specific Pokémon and may lead to the evolution of certain Pokémon species.

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