Pokémon Unite Tier List for December 2021

The best picks of December!

Pokémon Unite has recently had a massive update. Developers have added a new map skin for Remoat Stadium, revealed the moveset for the upcoming Pokémon Dragonite, and has made changes to a few of the Pokémon such as buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to their kits in the latest patch update. This Pokemon Unite Tier List for December 2021 will provide players with the best meta picks of the season.

Pokémon Unite Patch Tier List for December 2021: The best Pokemon for solo queue

The tier list will be separated into 5 categories of S, A, B, C, D.

  • S Tier: Strongest characters in the current meta.
  • A Tier: Strong characters in the current meta – but not as strong as characters in the S tier.
  • B Tier: Characters in a balanced and healthy spot.
  • C Tier: Characters who are only viable and strong in certain games
  • D Tier: Characters who are not strong and choosing them is not ideal if you are aiming to win your games.
S (Overpowered)Tsareena
A (Strong)LucarioCinderace
B (Good)GarchompCramorant
Alolan Ninetales

Mr. Mime
C (Average)Charizard
D (Weak)Slowbro

Pokémon Unite December 2021 Tier List for Patch Meta Picks

Best All-Rounder in Pokémon Unite


Pokémon Unite Tsareena Guide, Pokémon Unite Tier List December 2021
Pokémon Unite Tsareena (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The latest addition to Pokémon Unite, Tsareena, is currently the best Pokemon in the game due to the amount of utility that Tsareena’s kit provides. Tsareena’s abilities include dashes, shields, heals, area of effect damage, crowd control effects, and ability resets, making the character extremely versatile in fights. Check the in-depth Tsareena guide for complete info.

Best Attacker in Pokémon Unite


Pokemon Unite Cinderace, Pokémon Unite Tier List December 2021
Pokemon Unite Cinderace (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Due to the recent nerfs to damage and abilities, Cinderace reclaims the spot as the strongest Attacker in the game. If Cinderace is played correctly, Cinderace is able to win any one-on-one fight since Cinderace has one of the highest base attack damage/attack speeds in the game. Cinderace’s abilities allow Cinderace to both deal large amounts of burst damage and reposition easily, making Cinderace a strong pick in both beginner and pro play.

Best Speedster in Pokémon Unite


Pokemon Unite Talonflame
Pokemon Unite Talonflame (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Since Zeraora damage, shielding, and Unite move were all recently nerfed. Talonflame now moves from second up to being the best Speedster in the game. Talonflame’s revolve around having an assassin-like playstyle (like Greninja) where you dive into the enemies’ backlines to take out their attacker before dashing out of the fight. Since Talonflame has such a strong early game, Talonflame can take early kills and constantly snowball games.

Best Defender in Pokémon Unite


Snorlax has recently received an adjustment to the levels at which new abilities are unlocked, and all of the abilities are now obtainable one level earlier than before. This means Snorlax is able to excel in both the early and late stages of the game.

Pokemon Unite Snorlax
Pokemon Unite Snorlax (Image via The Pokémon Company)

The crowd control from heavy slams and blocks can be used to help your team secure objectives in team fights, protect your goal zone, and stop the enemy team from being able to prohibit your team from scoring. Check the in-depth Snorlax guide for more info.

Best Supporter in Pokémon Unite


Eldegoss has one of the highest play rates and wins rates in high ranks. Eldegoss is another very versatile Pokémon that can provide their team with shields, heals, crowd control effects, and movement speed buffs. Eldegoss has a flexible kit that can be modified depending on your team composition.

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss stats, Pokémon Unite Eldegoss Guide
Pokemon Unite Eldegoss (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Eldegoss is also a very safe pick since you can safely attack from a distance and slow your enemies down, as well as heal yourself if you’re in danger. Since Eldegoss is easy to play, it is one of the strongest picks for both professional and beginner ranked play. Check the in-depth Eldegoss guide for more info.

Final Thoughts

The meta of Pokémon Unite remains balanced. Hopefully, the new adjustments made to the previously underperforming characters like Gardevoir, Garchomp, Snorlax, and Mamoswine, will help them be strong enough to be picked in professional play. However, some Pokémon still need some buffs so that they’re able to be picked more consistently, examples include Slowbro and Gengar. Tsareena needs to be nerfed, as Tsareena is being picked in professional play much too consistently.

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