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Power Zone: Battle Royale Beginners Guide and Tips

Get into instant action and become the champion of Power Zone's battle royale!

Power Zone: Battle Royale is an action and tactical shooter game by Sensus Games. Here, you fight against players in an online multiplayer battle royale with quick matchmaking, teams, and duels. Few players undergo matchmaking to compete in a compact area and win to rise above. You should loot items, find convenient spots, and kill all enemies before they lay a finger on you. The game has specific features like characters and weapons that help you take victory in battles. Therefore, follow up on this Power Zone beginners guide where I’ll explain the basic gameplay and features of this game.

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Gameplay Overview

In Power Zone, you must follow the basic battle royale format of gameplay. However, you play the match in a small area with less number of people. So, there is no map on display for the area you battle in.

Power Zone main screen
Image via Sensus Games

As usual, 6 players including you undergo matchmaking and compete against each other after you choose a particular region. The area is really short so the match’s timeline is also 5 minutes. You can play as a solo in a classic battle royale, or team mode depending upon the game modes.

During combats, your main goal is to survive till the end and kill all opponents before they attack you. You’ll get loot crates from visible locations when you choose to land on the map. Some of the loot items are also hidden inside the buildings. These include firearms, ammo, and other kits. The initial weapon for all players will be a melee weapon i.e. a Hammer. You can also create walls of different shapes to save yourself from the attacks. 

Power Zone gameplay
Image via Sensus Games

The controls are simple and easy to comprehend. You’ll get a joystick on the left to control your motion on the move. Several buttons on the right help the players to shoot, jump, and over forwards, crouch, reload, and switch the guns.

The format of the button setup and controls is similar to that of Farlight 84 minus the map. By degrees, you must move strategically, collect loot, build walls to gain advantage, and kill all enemies to be victorious. 

Power Zone Basics

The Game Modes

There are a total of 4 game modes in Power Zone where each follows the same gameplay. However, the format and rules of different game modes differ in some or the other manner:

1. Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mode is the main game mode of the game, Power Zone. According to the server, the game matchmakers you with five other players in the region. The total player strength of this mode is 6 players including you. You will follow the classic gameplay of all battle royale games existing. Land with your glider, loot guns, and more, and be the last one surviving to win the match.

Power Zone game modes
Image via Sensus Games

2. 1V1

The 1v1 mode features you and the other opponent on a random map from the game’s collection. You have to collect the loot from the visible areas that have them near and far. You’ll get weapons, ammo, kit, and more. Whoever kills their opponent out of you two wins the match. 

3. Team Mode

The team mode inhabits a total of 6 players where there are two teams with 3 players on each team. The players in this mode compete on the same map as the battle royale. When one team member kills all players in the opponent’s team before the safe zone minimizes takes the win.

4. Practice

Power Zone practice
Image via Sensus Games

The Practice is a game mode where you test your skills with game bots and other targets. All the controls are present as in the main gameplay. This is just a casual mode to check the performance of various weapons, controls, and character abilities in Power Zone. 


The character section shows all the free characters you’ll witness in the game. There are a total of three characters accessible for you without any cost. They are:

  • Rex Wanderlust
  • Aria Vale
  • Violet Vanguard
Power Zone character
Image via Sensus Games

You can choose any one of them and continue with your battle royale journey in Power Zone. Apart from these, this section also shows you all the firearms, melee weapons, and gliders you use in the game. You should check out the Power Zone weapon tier list to know all about weapons in the game. 


As you begin your battle journey in Power Zone, there is a certain rank you achieve with great progress. A milestone is set for each of the ranks you’ll get to see in the game. The following are the ranks in Power Zone:

Power Zone rank
Image via Sensus Games
  • Wanderer
  • Adventurer
  • Pathfinder
  • Trailblazer
  • Pioneer
  • Discoverer
  • Voyager
  • Expeditions
  • Navigator
  • Explorer

I’ve mentioned the list of all ranks in Power Zone. Your game begins with a Wanderer and ends with an Explorer. As you reach the end, you’ll receive gems as a reward for the achievement. The rank increases as you go on claiming victory in matches.


The League and Rank go hand in hand and are present in the same section. However, the league progress is the true measure of your gameplay skills and strategies. There are a total of five leagues in Power Zone:

Power Zone league
Image via Sensus Games
  • Explorer League
  • Survivor League
  • Champion League
  • Apex League
  • Immortal League

The more wins you get in matches and game modes, the faster the gauges will fill. This way you can see noticeable progress in the league you’re in or will be. 


The Quests section is one of the important areas in the game where you get missions to complete. The section inhabits the usual Daily and Weekly quests. We are aware of how the time stamp and system work for both of these quests.

Power Zone quests
Image via Sensus Games

The daily tasks have a 24hrs timeline while 7 days for the weekly ones. You get prizes like Gold for each task you complete in Power Zone. The game allows 100 Gold for daily quests and 500 for weekly quests. Therefore, finish all quests to gain rewards. 

Power Zone Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on your Aim

You must be fast-paced and have a focused aim to kill the opponent in a few or even one shot. During combat, precision is important and so is your focus and practice. Once you aim precisely, you can kill the maximum number of enemies with your skill. The faster you achieve victory, the more XPs you’ll receive. This will help you increase your rank and league.

2. Find Convenient Loot Spots

Since the map is compact, you can see a few loot crates when you’re choosing to land. The other players will most probably aim for the loot easily accessible first. However, you cannot depend on landing first and your enemy might kill you easily. Thus, always go for unconventional spots to search for loot. After playing the game for hours, I can assure you that the most resourceful place to loot is inside the residential. So, try to land on these locations and run back to the center as you finish your loot. 

3. Complete all Quests

There are two types of quests in Power Zone as I mentioned in the above feature. The daily quests give you 100 Gold as rewards and the weekly ones give you 500 Gold. Collecting this currency can give you access to other characters in the Shop. You also receive XPs that boost your rank and league position in the game. So, complete all types of quests to obtain resources that help further in Power Zone. 

4. Promote your League and Rank

Leagues and Ranks are the precise way to measure your journey progress in Power Zone. I’ve listed all the ranks and leagues one could get to see in the game. Once you fill the gauges by winning matches, the game promotes your league or rank. Here, promoting your rank is easier than a league upgrade. It also comes down to fewer leagues. So, win against other players to progress ahead.

5. Test Performance in Practice

The Practice mode is suitable for checking out the characters’ abilities, the weapons, and your aim on gamebots. I would recommend first practicing your moves in this mode so that you perform better in the main matches. You should also check the controls to see if they work smoothly or not. In my opinion, a small warm-up is always beneficial before facing your actual enemies. 

Final Thoughts

Power Zone is an interesting tactical game that incorporates the battle royale format such as in Farlight 84. Although the game falls flat as we compare it to the famous title I just mentioned, it has its unique touches. This game has a very specific collection of characters and weapons.

You can buy more characters via in-game currency but they cost a lot of fortune. The gameplay and controls are easy to grasp and you can additionally build walls to safeguard yourself. Overall, the game is worth trying for the beginners. That being said, you can always fall back on this Power Zone beginners guide should you ever need any help!

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