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PUBG Mobile or BGMI: Tips to earn character vouchers in the game

Earn more character vouchers quickly!

Every PUBG Mobile or BGMI player has at least once wished to unlock an exclusive character in the game apart from the one assigned by default and the common Victor character. Each character comes with unique voice lines, voiceovers, and outfits that can only be donned by the particular character. Some players often miss out on their chance to redeem such characters because they often stay oblivious to how to do it and by missing in-game announcements. This article will cover the basic ways how one can claim Character Vouchers in PUBG Mobile or BGMI and how they work.

How to unlock a character in BGMI

BGMI Character voucher
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The set of characters is generally unlockable by paid mediums, that is, by spending UC. But on certain occasions, the characters can also be unlocked by spending Character Vouchers to get the desired character. Each Character Voucher is equivalent to 1 UC in the game, and thus a number of Character Vouchers identical to the UC requirement could be used.

How to get Character Vouchers in BGMI

Character Vouchers have been previously available in the game at given points in time whenever a new character was released, such as Carlo, Sara, and Anna. The vouchers could be collected by completing certain specified missions in the game. The missions vary over a wide range, from kill missions to distance covered and vehicle missions.

BGMI Character
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They can also be acquired by logging into the game, where each day the player can claim a preset number of vouchers from the Events tab. Once claimed, the vouchers do not expire and can be used at any given moment to redeem a character provided that it meets the required Character Voucher mark.


Besides knowing how to get the character one wants, it is also crucial for the player to keep track of the in-game developments and announcements in order to capitalize on the events where the aforementioned vouchers are available. Keep gaming and have fun.

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