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PUBG Mobile: 10 Tips and Tricks to push your rank to Conqueror

In PUBG Mobile, Conqueror is the highest tier that any player can achieve. It takes a lot of hard work and patience. Since everyone is at home due to covid-19, it is a great time to push the rank. However, climbing the ranking ladder is not as easy as it sounds. So, in this article, we will share some pro tips and tricks which will help the players to push the rank and reach the conqueror league in PUBG Mobile.

Now lets first take a look at the essential things which are required for a flawless rank pushing experience in PUBG Mobile.

  • A decent mobile device with a RAM of atleast 3-4 GB.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Lots of time and patience.
  • A good headphone or earphone

Tips and tricks for pushing rank in PUBG Mobile

1. Select the most suitable mode

You will have to select a mode to push. It can be solo, duo or squad. Push only in one mode. Duo and Squad mode is best for pushing ranks. In my opinion, Duo is quite easier than squad mode. However, it can vary from person to person.

2. Make a stable team

Make a permanent team, do not play with random players. If you play with same players every time, it will increase each other’s synergy, which will help players to coordinate in the game. It is a very important part for pushing ranks.

3. Play with full team

PUBG Mobile full squad, PUBG Mobile rank push tips

Always try to play with your full team. Do not play solo vs squad or solo vs duo, it will affect your gameplay and your enemies will always get an upper hand.

4. Play safe

Always avoid hot-drop location while rank pushing. Try land in a safer location, gather loots and then you can commit fights. Do not indulge in fights when you do not have the proper equipment.

5. Prefer zone over kills

It is always important to catch the safe zone. Do not take fights when you are outside of the safe zone. You can take those kills inside of the zone too. If the zone is too far from your drop location, then its always better to find a vehicle to reach the zone safely. Also do not take fights in open areas because you will easily get third partied. Find proper covers before taking a fight. Here is a guide that will let you learn more about the safe zones and the amount of damage each safe zone makes.

6. Use throwables wisely

Do not forget to use throwables like frag grenades, smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails (Stun grenades are not that important according to me). Carry at least 5-6 smoke grenades and 2-3 frag grenades and 1-2 Mollys. Smoking saves your life only in PUBG. Use smokes to reach the zone, revive your teammates, looting in open fields. Use frag grenades and molotovs to wipe enemies. However, you should also know the amount of space these throwables take when you pick them up. Know about that as well the various the full backpack capacity details here.

7. Use vehicles when necessary

PUBG Mobile rank pushing tips

Its very important to use vehicles properly. If you are playing in Duo, carry one vehicle each player. If you are playing in squad, try to carry atleast 2-3 vehicles. Always prefer four-wheelers over two or three-wheelers. Vehicle helps you to reach the zone safely, you can use vehicle to make a instant cover in open grounds or in the last zone.

8. Secure kills

Always try finish the knocked players. Try to steal kills from other teams’ knocked players. It will increase will kill ratings and K/D ratio. Kill points are always greater than damage points. It will increase your overall ratings.

9. Choose roles

If you are playing squad, give everyone different roles. IGL(In-Game Leader) is a very important role. Get a sniper role who will take out the long-range enemies, get an assaulter or entry fragger role who will take out close and mid-range fights, get a supporter role who will carry extra ammunition, meds, throwables, etc.

10. Survive

PUBG Mobile rank push tips

Its very much important to survive till the last zone else you will get less position points. Your kill rating and survival rating are the factors taken into account when you are given a rank. The kill rating only makes up about 20 percent of the total points and a major chunk is made up by the survival rating. Its important to make it up to the top 10 survivors. Do camping if necessary, because at the end its a part of the game.

Bonus Tips

Apart from these points, we would like to add some honorable mentions below:

  • Play the Sanhok map because it gives you more points than the other maps.
  • Play in Miramar for fair fights. You will see fewer cheaters there.
  • Have patience. This is the key to success, you may get killed by cheaters, you may get killed by glitches and in many stupid ways but do not lose hope.
  • Do not play more than 3-4 hours at a time since it will affect your health conditions as well as performance.
  • Choose gun combinations wisely, use double Assault Rifles or one AR and one Sniper or one AR and one DMR. Also, do not take too much ammo, 250 ammo for each automatic gun is enough.
  • Do not play with rush players, play with sensible players who understand the game properly.
  • Never go for luck, go for your skills.
  • Revive is important than fighting. 4v4 or 2v2 is always better than 3v4 or 1v2.

We hope that you’ll find these tips useful to push your rank to Conqueror in PUBG Mobile. If you have anything on your mind, do let us know in the comments below.

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You know what I’ve been playing pub mobile since it came out and I’m trying to push rank on my girlfriends account … and I thoroughly enjoyed this article lol I mean I already knew all this information but still I enjoyed it a lot … informative and entertaining all in one … Anirban , if you happen to see this and want someone to play with sometime let me know boss I’m always down

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