Real Cricket 24 Guide: How to play with friends

Now play Real Cricket 24 with your friends!

Sports simulation titles are even more fun when they allow you to engage in a 1V1 combat with your peers. Showing off your abilities in a friendly match and emerging as the pro in your gang gives a different level of satisfaction altogether. If you are a Cricket freak and want to showcase your cricketing mind and skills in front of your friends then Real Cricket 24 is the ultimate test for you. In this Real Cricket 24 guide, we are going to cover the steps to set up an Online Friendly. And, if you are recently starting with the game, don’t forget to check our Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide for the basic tips and tricks.

How to add Friends to your Friend List in Real Cricket 24

With the new Play With Friends section added in this version, under Multiplayer Modes, users can now invite their peers for a 1V1 face-off. It doesn’t matter if your friend is sitting in some other city or even in another country. However, to be able to set up a Friendly, you must first ensure that your Friend is listed under the in-game Friend List. Adhere to the steps below to do so:

  • From the game’s home screen, navigate to the Multiplayer tab.
  • Under the Multiplayer tab, you will come across the Play With Friends section located on the immediate right of the Un-Ranked section. Tap on that next.
  • Up next, you will come across the Friend List section that comes with a unique code to share with. Under the Share to Add Friend Segment you must smash the Share Code button.
Real Cricket 24 Adding Friends
Image via Nautilus Mobile
  • A pop-up would ask for your preferred social media platform for sharing. If you want to send it to a specific friend, prefer sending it via WhatsApp.
  • Once you have sent the code, your friend needs to log in and navigate to the same Play with Friends section. Under the Add A Friend Segment, he/she just needs to enter your code and tap on the OK button.
  • This would trigger a Friend Request to you that needs to be accepted from your end. You can also go for the vice versa steps, i.e., your Friend can also share his/her code with you.

How to Set up a Friendly Match in Real Cricket 24

Now that we know how to Add Friends to our list, it’s time to set up a Friendly with them. Hence, make sure Below are the steps that you need to follow to set up a Friend Match in Real Cricket 24:

  • Once you have Friends in your Friend List, you can check out who is online by simply navigating to the Play with Friends section. To send an Invite for an Online match, players must tap on the Send Invite button under the Send An Invite To Play segment.
  • Up next you will be asked to pick the number of overs that each inning should be of. You can ideally pick between 2 over/inning and 5 over/inning games.
  • Once you have selected that, a pop-up will ask for your preferred social media platform for sharing. If you want to send it to a specific friend, prefer sending it via WhatsApp or Instagram DMs. You will be redirected to that application next.
Real Cricket 24 Friend Matchmaking
Image via Nautilus Mobile
  • Upon forwarding the Invite link, players must toggle back to their game screen and hit the Back button.
  • This would take you to the Match-Up window where a timer would be running. If your friend fails to join the room within the stipulated 120 seconds, the matchmaking won’t be complete.

Common FAQs relating to Friend Match in Real Cricket 24

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