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Should you pull for Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei’s Light Cone Banner

Maximize Ruan Mei with her signature light cone!

The Honkai: Star Rail community is excited about the upcoming version 1.6 update, focusing on Ruan Mei, the first featured character alongside Blade’s return. Version 1.6 introduces significant optimizations and alongside this is the exclusive Signature Light Cone for Ruan Mei. This Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei Light Cone Banner will provide information about the light cone’s effects alongside the feature of 4-star light cones.

As a formidable 5-star Ice-Element Harmony Path Character, Ruan Mei is anticipated to be a powerful team buffer and utility. The heightened expectations revolve around the promised break effect changes, where Ruan Mei is set to bring a unique impact to the game. Let’s explore the details of the Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei Light Cone Banner to assess its appeal for potential pulls.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei abilities
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Is “Past Self in Mirror” worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail

Ruan Mei’s Signature Light Cone, named Past Self in Mirror, brings notable advantages that enhance her effectiveness in battles. It boosts overall damage for the entire team, aligning perfectly with Ruan Mei’s role as a team buffer. Moreover, it provides a substantial Break Effect boost without specific conditions, a crucial asset for Ruan Mei to meet the necessary Break Effect percentage requirement.

This Light Cone elevates Ruan Mei’s performance by amplifying her damage output and facilitating smoother ability rotations. The significant increases in damage and break effect contribute greatly to Ruan Mei’s role as a buffer, and the additional skill point is a noteworthy enhancement. Being a 5-star Light Cone, it boasts excellent overall stats, making it a reliable and potent choice.

Past Self in Mirror Description

Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 60%. After the wearer uses their Ultimate, increases all allies’ DMG by 24%, lasting for 3 turn(s). Should the wearer’s Break Effect exceed or equal 150%, 1 Skill Point will be recovered. At the start of each wave, immediately regenerates 10 Energy for all allies. Effects of the same type cannot stack.

Deciding whether to acquire Ruan Mei’s Signature Light Cone depends on a few key factors. First, assess your current team composition and your typical gameplay style. If your team is already strong and well-balanced with formidable characters and Light Cones, obtaining Ruan Mei’s Light Cone may not be a top priority.

Honkai Star Rail Past self in mirror
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However, it’s essential to recognize the unique advantages offered by this Light Cone. It is specifically tailored to enhance Ruan Mei’s overall capabilities, particularly in challenging scenarios like the Swarm Disaster event where enemies pose a threat with insufficient damage. Acquiring this Light Cone provides a distinct and rewarding advantage that can significantly improve your team’s overall performance.

Additionally, when compared to other light cone options, Ruan Mei’s Light Cone stands out. Its comprehensive buffs and enhancements can notably elevate her effectiveness in battles, leading to more strategic and potent gameplay. These considerations play a crucial role in influencing players’ decisions on whether to add Ruan Mei’s Light Cone to their arsenal.

Honkai Star Rail Argenti Light Cone Banner

In version 1.6, the second Light Cone event unveils Ruan Mei’s 5-star Signature Light Cone named “Past Self in Mirror.” Alongside this, Blade’s signature Light Cone, “The Unreachable Side” will also get its first-ever rerun. Additionally, the Light Cones featured in Ruan Mei’s banner include the following 4-star options:

  • Planetary Rendezvous (Harmony)
  • Day One of my New Life (Preservation)
  • A Secret Vow (Destruction)

Ruan Mei’s 5-star Signature Light Cone named Past Self in Mirror, introduces powerful enhancements that greatly improve her overall gameplay. Without going into specific numbers, this light cone significantly boosts Ruan Mei’s effectiveness by emphasizing the enhancement of her buffing abilities.

Planetary Rendezvous offers a valuable boost upon battle entry, providing a 12% increase in damage dealt if an ally uses the same damage type as the wearer. This synergizes well with team compositions focusing on a specific damage type, enhancing overall damage output.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Light cone
Image via HoYoverse

Day One of My New Life proves to be a solid choice with its dual defensive and supportive effects. The 16% increase in the wearer’s DEF fortifies their resilience, while the post-battle boost of 8% in Damage Resistance for all allies adds a layer of team-wide protection.

A Secret Vow stands out as a compelling option for damage-focused strategies. With a flat 20% increase in damage dealt, it directly enhances the wearer’s offensive capabilities. Additionally, the extra 20% damage to enemies with equal or higher current HP percentage adds a strategic element, making it effective against high-health enemies.

Specific materials to upgrade the Ruan Mei Light Cone banner in Honkai Star Rail 1.6

  • Past Self in Mirror Light Cone will need the Immortal Scionette and Harmonic Tune materials
  • Planetary Rendezvous Light cone will need the Ancient Part and Harmonic Tune materials
  • Day One of My New Life Light Cone will need Extinguished Core and Oath of Steel materials
  • A Secret Vow Light Cone will need the Silvermane Bade and Lifeless Blade materials

To swiftly and effortlessly upgrade Ruan Mei’s Signature Light Cone to its maximum level, it’s advisable to gather the necessary materials in advance. This proactive strategy ensures that you have everything needed for the upgrade, allowing you to use it in battles without any delays.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei Light Cone Banner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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