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SimCity BuildIt was created by TrackTwenty and released by Electronic Arts, as a mobile simulation game within the renowned SimCity series. Its main goal is to increase the city’s population by unlocking specializations and acquiring buildings using Keys. Here’s my exciting SimCity BuildIt Best Layout Guide, designed to assist you in creating a city and road layout that maximizes rewards and enhances productivity.

Strategically positioning buildings is essential for sustaining tax revenue and enabling city growth. In 2024, it’s acknowledged as one of the best mobile city-building games. Players encounter hurdles like traffic and pollution while overseeing crucial services like power plants and departments. Furthermore, you can delve into my beginner’s guide, currency guide, and customer support guides, and uncover in-game redeem codes for potentially rewarding advantages.

SimCity BuildIt Best Layout

The layout of your city is crucial for success in SimCity BuildIt, as space is limited and a poorly designed setup can hinder progress later in the game. Here are some effective layout guides that I’ve put together for you. They aim to maximize population and happiness while using minimal space, allowing you to achieve a high tax income.

Your initial goal should be to build up and expand until you cover approximately a 24×24 area with residential zones (R) and a few necessary utility buildings. Additionally, it’s important to relocate industry to the outskirts of the map whenever possible.

Best City Layout

Starting with a basic layout might seem unnecessary since you’ll eventually replace it. However, without a good start, reaching the advanced stages of the game becomes difficult. You won’t have enough space, money, or access to the best buildings. Cities in SimCity BuildIt, like real cities, are always evolving. Redesigning is normal.

When you redesign, you only need to rebuild roads, which is easier than starting over completely. For beginners who haven’t unlocked high-level buildings or expanded their city much, starting with a pre-made layout is smart. You can later adjust and improve it as you progress. Here’s an optimal City Layout to use:

SimCity BuildIt Best City Layout
  • Begin by clustering all residential (R) areas together in a corner near the beach.
  • Intersperse Hardware and Building Supplies Stores among the residential zones, although their specific placement isn’t critical at this stage.
  • Keep industry situated far to the right to prevent pollution from affecting the residential zones.
  • Place government buildings in between the industry and residential areas, as they are not influenced by pollution.
  • Utilize any remaining space efficiently by allocating a row of 1×1 areas for water towers and small Wind Power Plants, optimizing space usage.

Max Population City Layout

This layout necessitates utilizing the entire city space, which means you must have nearly the entire map unlocked and be prepared to rebuild your city roads from scratch. However, by following this layout, you can achieve a population of over 10 million population in SimCity BuildIt. This design has also been shared several times before and can be found in a popular Reddit thread:

SimCity BuildIt Best City Layout

Best Road Layout

Let’s move forward with the SimCity BuildIt Best Road Layout. I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to optimizing both road layouts and city planning. Dealing with challenges like concave corners in Limestone Cliffs, the narrow spaces in Frosty Fjords, or even the unique dimensions of Cactus Canyon requires a reevaluation of our approach.

To determine which layout is superior, we need quantifiable metrics for comparison. Roads are essential for connecting buildings but don’t inherently add value. They are costly and occupy space that could otherwise be used for constructing buildings. Therefore, our goal is to minimize Road Coverage as much as possible. Here are key things to consider if you want the best road layout for your city:

SimCity BuildIt Best Road Layout
  • Even Grid Placement: Maximize 2×2 building placement using a straight lines-with-a-distance-of-four pattern.
  • Avoid Border Roads: Keep the first road 2 fields away from the border to utilize connectivity efficiently.
  • Minimize Redundancies: Eliminate unnecessary roadways and circles to optimize space.
  • Utilize Space Efficiently: Avoid leaving dead spots on the map due to poor road placement.
  • Avoid Stairs: Minimize stair patterns that consume space, particularly challenging in irregular terrains.
  • Optimize T-Junctions with Bridges: Incorporate bridges at T-junctions for population boosts and efficient building placement.

Following the optimal road layout principles allows you to efficiently place a multitude of residential zones and other even-grid buildings while minimizing road coverage. By strategically avoiding border roads except for essential connections and eliminating redundancies and dead spots, you can make the most of your city’s space.

This approach ensures that your city remains well-connected without unnecessary roadways, maximizing building placement potential. Incorporating bridges at key T-junctions further boosts population growth and overall efficiency. Ultimately, adhering to these design principles results in a well-organized and highly functional city layout.

These design principles ensure an efficient road layout that minimizes road coverage while maximizing building placement and population growth. If you want an in-depth guide with a proper explanation, you can check out this popular Reddit thread post. Ultimately, the best city and road layouts result in a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that fosters growth, prosperity, and happy citizens in your virtual metropolis.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, creating the best city layout and road layout in SimCity BuildIt involves strategic planning and efficient use of space. By following design principles such as maximizing building placement, avoiding unnecessary road coverage, and optimizing connectivity, you can create a thriving and organized city.

A well-designed city layout allows for the placement of a variety of buildings while ensuring easy access and minimal road congestion. Similarly, a thoughtfully planned road layout minimizes redundancies and dead spots, maximizing the overall efficiency of your city’s infrastructure.

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