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Snowbreak Containment Zone Beginners Guide and Tips

A guide to start the sci-fi adventure!

Snowbreak: Containment Zone presents an immersive 3D Sci-fi RPG shooter, running on the impressive Unreal Engine 4. This cutting-edge game delivers a next-generation gaming experience, ensuring seamless cross-platform gameplay, and allowing players to synchronize their progress effortlessly across all their devices. The game opened its servers pretty recently, so it is necessary to introduce players to essential tips and mechanics of the game. For the exact same reason, we have developed the Snowbreak: Containment Zone Beginners Guide with some necessary tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

Snowbreak: Containment Zone offers a gameplay experience that you expect with typical action RPGs set in a futuristic world. Players take control of characters who are called Operatives with unique abilities, while they are tasked to face a constant onslaught of enemies. As they progress through the game, more chapters are unlocked, providing an abundance of exciting choices for players to explore.

Snowbreak Containment Zone gameplay
Image via Seasun Games

These operatives wield different weapons, which you can select and upgrade as per your preference. There is a surprisingly good number of weapons that come across different categories which you can sort by different filters. The game incorporates a Battle Pass system, following a familiar tier-based structure seen in other games, which remains unlocked by default.

The tasks/missions are fairly easy, as you have guidelines to reach the mission points. As far as controls are concerned, the game offers a user-friendly control system, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. You have a movement pad, jump/run, shoot, reload (which has auto assist), and the ability options to control your character, which is a great thing for beginners getting into this action RPG.

In-game resources and items

There are several in-game resources and items players can track in the game. While they serve different purposes be it pulling or upgrading characters, or upgrading weapons, there are a few items that are important considering the game’s flow. So this list will be covering them.

  • Bit Gold: The most premium currency in the game. Here, the exchange is for real money, which you can purchase
  • Digi Cash: Another rare resource item that is a more premium currency than the Silver Bucks. Digi Cash can be purchased with the help of Bit Gold. You can convert Digi cash to Silver Buck.
  • Recover Presence: You can sort this as an energy system in the game. These are burned when you are playing the story mode, for each mini-chapter.
  • Silver Buck: You can convert Digi cash to Silver Buck.
  • Good Combat Record: This is an item used to work on the teammates you acquire.
  • Operative Recruitment Chit: If you are looking towards pulling Operatives and Weapons, you need to have these chits or tokens, which I would like to call them.
  • Weapons Permit: Another Echo item but this is purely related to pulling the weapons. With this, you can also have the option to increase the drop rate for a particular weapon.

Operatives and Weapons in Snowbreak Containment Zone


Operatives are the main characters that players control and utilize in Snowbreak Containment Zone. They are the central gameplay element, and all the battles and challenges players face in the game involve these characters. Each Operative typically possesses unique abilities, skills, and weapon preferences, and offers a diverse roster of options to choose from.

Snowbreak Containment Zone operatives
Image via Seasun Games

There are cool costumes which can be equipped too. Each Operative wields a weapon, which comes with a certain skill as well. This can be changed with the other available, and train that weapon to improve the damage. There is a manifestation system that you can collect materials and upgrade, which gives a boost to the attributes of the Operative.

Later on, you get to unlock more Operative features say Neuronics and Logistics, which you need to collect materials for their upgrades, but it won’t be necessary to give it a headache while beginning the game, but might need to give it a check if you are progressing faster. While choosing your squad to clear the story, you can choose different styles of characters to give a good mix of abilities.


Weapons are the necessary aspect for your operatives to perform. The storage system serves as a repository to keep track of the various items available within the game. Within the storage, players can access and review the weapon details of the characters they have equipped. You have the option to lock, upgrade and modify the weapons in the storage.

Snowbreak Containment Zone weapons
Image via Seasun Games

There are six types of Weapons available in the game namely Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle(AR), Sniper Rifle, and Submachine Gun (SMG). To make these more unique, they come with different damage types namely Kinetic, Thermal, Frost, Electrical, and Chaos.

Each Weapon has a special ability that increases a particular attribute or stat by a percentage, which is differentiated by tiers. You have the option to modify with which you can select the necessary materials to upgrade the tier, thus improving the boost on that particular attribute. The same goes for selecting parts for that particular weapon.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks the players should remember while beginning their journey playing Snowbreak Containment Zone.

1. Complete the story modes to unlock major options

Upon starting the game, players will find that everything is initially locked, with the exception of Story Mode. This mode serves as the major aspect of the game, and progressing through it becomes crucial to unlocking other elements and features. For example, to gain access to the Inbox within the game, which is needed to claim to redeem code rewards from free codes, players must first complete Main Story 1-9. Hence, try to finish off as many story modes as possible at the earliest.

2. Adjust the sensitivity to your preference

Players get an option to adjust the sensitivity of their game, which is a huge aspect in order to get the movement going. Personally, I felt the movement was a bit hindered by default so modify the sensitivity settings to suit different aspects to your liking such as movement mode, camera control, firing actions, and more. The option to incorporate gyro support is also available to enhance the overall experience.

3. Avoid quick selection for Upgrade

Snowbreak Containment Zone weapons q-select
Image via Seasun Games

The Quick Select or Q-Select feature is implemented in the gams to provide players with a convenient way to upgrade the weapons by auto-adjusting the materials. However, it sometimes allocates a high-value item that is more useful or gives more EXP to other guns. Hence, our suggestion is to not blindly click on it and prefer to have the option to manually select the materials you need.

4. Complete tasks and claim rewards

This is a common suggestion that we give to all the players who begin any game. Not only do they present an excellent opportunity to earn rewards, but they also serve as a reliable option when you find yourself stuck while completing missions. Don’t overlook the rewards offered by Story Mode tasks as well, as they can provide a substantial boost to your progress.

5. Use Echoes during the discount period

Snowbreak Containment Zone echo
Image via Seasun Games

Echoes in the game is a gacha system present in the game that allows you to pull weapons and operatives depending on the type of item you have. Occasionally, players may come across special instances where discounts are offered, providing an opportunity to obtain desired items at a reduced cost.

6. Check the shop for deals

Similar to Echo deals, check the shop regularly for exciting deals and offers that you can take advantage of. The shop may occasionally present great opportunities for players to purchase items, equipment, or other in-game assets at discounted resource prices or as part of special bundles that may be helpful to gather the resources you need.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a fun and enjoyable game, Snowbreak Containment Zone presents a considerable challenge for beginners due to some complex in-game systems that are present. While the controls themselves are relatively straightforward and easy to handle, it is the game’s overall mechanics and features that can leave players in a tricky state.

So we suggest the players go hard with the story mode completion, until a point where every feature in the game is unlocked. This approach will help them gain a better understanding of the characters and objectives of the game. Of course, you need to get the Operatives and Weapons an eye for an upgrade, or else the bosses might be too heavy. If you find yourself struggling, be sure to refer back to this Snowbreak Containment Zone Beginners guide or ask questions in the comments section for help.

That’s all from us for the Snowbreak Containment Zone beginners guide! Did you find our Snowbreak Containment Zone beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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