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Airship Knights: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Unleash your real power in your Voyage!

Airship Knights: Idle RPG is an outstanding action-packed idle RPG developed by SuperPlanet. The game gives you the freedom to make a team with your primary character. You’ll get to form a team of 7 characters, 6 Knights, and your character. Jump into the marvelous journey with your team in the Airbus and travel across terrains. You can easily complete chapters by defeating the bosses of the terrains. Such an amazing game isn’t it? Still, there’s a lot to learn about them! For that, here I present Airship Knight: Idle RPG Beginners Guide.

This piece will help you learn about all the basics and how to carry out your journey throughout the game. Don’t forget to check out our redeem codes guide to get freebies and a reroll guide to grab the best Knight. Also, check our Knights tier list to choose the best Knights for your journey! Additionally, should you feel in-game issues, check our customer support article on how to reach the official support team hassle-free!

Gameplay Overview

As an action-packed RPG game, Airship Knights brings a 2D infrastructure for you. The game lets your character and its mates travel in an Airbus across all terrains. Every terrain is a part of a chapter and stages. You need to knock down the main Boss and advance to the next terrain. Apart from the Story mode, you’ll see a few other game modes. Completing the Events and Missions will help you grab lots of resources. 

Airship Knight Idle RPG Gameplay
Image via SuperPlanet

The gameplay mechanics and UI are quite easy to catch. The game follows an automated way of gameplay. Thus, you don’t have to use your energy while you play. You have to form your team with the help of the Knight you’ll summon. All the Knights belong from one or the other Classes. So, check out their classes and place them accordingly. A balanced and proper team formation will lead to knocking out enemies easily. 

Airship Knights: Idle RPG codes, Airship Knights: Idle RPG
Image via Super Planet

Mechanics regarding upgrading the Knights or the Airship is quite easy as well. You just have to move to the sections and utilize your resources properly to enhance them. You can summon Knights without any hindrance, you just need Tokens to bring them to your team. Also, you’ll get to Craft some great Weapons for your Knights and make them more powerful. So, to learn about all these basics follow my piece. 

Airship Knights Gameplay Basics


The Home section lets you access all the major aspects of the game. Major sections such as Guild, Exchange, Craft, Parts, Missions, and Hallows are found here. The most important sections are mainly Crafts, Parts, and Exchange. In the Crafts section, you can assemble resources and craft a powerful weapon for your knights. Let them equip those amazing weapons and help yourself lead towards more victories. 

Airship Knight Home
Image via SuperPlanet

In the Parts section, you get the important skills or amenities required in your journey. You can unlock them by reaching out to a certain level. With the help of Core, you can easily upgrade the parts and enjoy your journey. Now in Exchange, you can collect Honor Coins, save them, and buy powerful sets of weapons for your knights. This will help you with the stats of your Knights real quick. 


Enchant is the area where you can upgrade the stats of the character classes. With the help of Diamonds, you can easily upgrade the classes and make your Knights more powerful. The major classes you’ll get to see in Airship Knights are:

  • Tanker
  • Melee Dealer
  • Range Dealer
  • Supporter 

Thus save your Diamonds and use them to upgrade your Knights.


Engine is the place where you can easily upgrade your Airbus Engine. This will help you make your Airbus powerful which is crucial in your journey. The Airbus also contains some essential weapons and stats. These aggregates are really important and you must maintain them throughout your journey. 


Knights are the sole part of Airship Knights. You must learn about the Knights as you need to form a team with them. Forming a balanced team with the presence of all sorts of Classes. 

Airship Knight Idle RPG Reroll
Image via SuperPlanet

You can also upgrade your Knights with the help of Magicite. You shall Promote the Knights to make them more powerful. For that, Awakening Stones are mainly required.


The Airship is the section where you can check out all the rooms and sections inside the ship. It has a lot of rooms such as:

  • Control Room
  • Engine Room
  • Steelmill
  • Laboratory
  • Kitchen
  • Training Room
  • MOD Room
  • Strategy Room

You can easily level up these rooms with the help of Essence. Remember, each room unlocks after you reach a certain adventure level. So, play wisely and unlock all the rooms of your Airship.


The Recruit section brings all the options that can help you summon your Knights. You need Recruit Tickets to summon the Knights. If you’re out of Recruit Tickets, you can use the Diamonds to summon the Knights. You will also find separated summon sections as per the Power Type of the Knights.

Airship Knights Pass

Image via SuperPlanet

Like other Idle RPGs, you will get an Airship Knights Pass in this game. You will get two types of Passes here; Free and Premium. To get access to the Premium one, you need to invest some hard cash which I won’t recommend. You need to complete the Airship Knights Pass tasks to get rewarded with amazing rewards such as Recruit Tokens, Diamonds, Essence, Magicites, and Honor Coins

Airship Knights: Idle RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks 

1. Make a balanced team

Airship Knights provides four different classes of Knights to you. The first thing as a beginners you must do is, create a balanced team by keeping all sorts of Knights from every possible class. This will help you get a proper Attack as well as a Defence line. Also, maintaining a balanced team will help you claim more victories against the Bosses. 

2. Recruit spontaneously

Recruiting the Knights is an actual task that you must not forget. Getting Recruit Tickets is very easy. So, save them and try summoning more and more Knights. That will help you gather the best of all the Knights. Eventually making a team with the best ones will lead you to a successful journey in the game. 

3. Go for Quests, Missions, and Achievements

Completing the missions, quests, and achievements is important. By completing them, you’ll be earning a lot of resources in the form of rewards. Resources such as Diamonds, Recruit Tokens, Magicites, and Honor Coins are important to collect throughout the journey. These will help you enhance your allies and the Airship, making it easier to proceed further. 

4. Enhance your Engine and Airship

The Airship is also a core part of your journey. You must focus on building a strong and reliable Airship that will help you travel across all terrains. Thus, save up your resources and try to invest them in upgrading your Airship. Don’t forget to look after the Engine, if you fail to upgrade that, then your Airship might crash in the middle of your thrilling voyage. 

5. Craft more Weapons

Knights have immense supernatural powers, but they need a medium to take that power out. For that, the game allows you to craft amazing weapons for your Knights. Save up the required items, assemble them, and make marvelous weapons for the Knights. This will help you make your Knights more stronger and reliable at the same time. 

Final Thoughts 

Airship Knights: Idle RPG is a great game to kill your time while you face boredom. Not only does it kill your boredom, but it also has some interesting features and a great voyage to witness. The graphics and the gameplay mechanics are very user-friendly as well. So, do not wait too long and start your journey with the Knights! And should you face any issues, don’t hesitate to fall back to my Airship Knights beginners guide for tips!

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That’s all from us for the Airship Knights: Idle RPG Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Airship Knights: Idle RPG Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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