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Snowbreak Containment Zone Currency Guide: Bit Gold, Digi Cash, and Silver Buck

Understand the game currencies!

Snowbreak: Containment Zone presents an immersive 3D Sci-fi RPG shooter, running on the impressive Unreal Engine 4. This cutting-edge game delivers a next-generation gaming experience, ensuring seamless cross-platform gameplay, and allowing players to synchronize their progress effortlessly across all their devices. The game opened its servers pretty recently, so it is necessary to introduce players to currencies that are essential for purchasing and management. So in this Snowbreak Containment Zone Currency Guide, we will look into the available resources and the methods to get them.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Currency Guide

We will be covering the three major currencies in this game namely Bit Gold, Digi Cash, and Silver Buck. These come across as currencies that can be used for upgrades, training, and more resource management and serve are the building base for your progress.

1. Bit Gold


Snowbreak Containment Zone Bit Gold
Image via Seasun Games

In the game, Bit Gold is the most exclusive currency, the premium resource. Unlike other in-game currencies, Bit Gold can be exchanged for real money, enabling players to make actual purchases within the game. Players have the option to acquire Bit Gold by investing real money.

How to get Bit Gold

Earning Bit Gold is a tougher task in this game, as it is the most premium currency. However, apart from getting them in the Shop for real money, there will be events that will go live where you can early Bit Gold. These are rare of course, but it would be great if you could pick up the deals.

2. Digi Cash


Snowbreak Containment Zone Digi Cash
Image via Seasun Games

Digi Cash, another rare resource item, ranks higher than the regular Silver Bucks in the game’s currency hierarchy but below the Bit Gold. Apart from the usuals like purchasing Banners and Weapon upgrades, we can use them to convert to Silver Buck currencies.

How to get Digi Cash

The tasks section has a great rewarding system of dishing out Digi Cash. The missions/tasks and events in the game are the first and the easiest way to earn Digi Cash, which offers a minimum of 5-10 easily for each mission completed. If you have purchased Bit Gold, you can convert them to Digi Cash as well. Additionally, you can also take the help of redeem codes and the Supernova section which will help in getting more Digi Cash.

3. Silver Buck


Snowbreak Containment Zone Silver Buck
Image via Seasun Games

The most common currency in the game, and can be obtained from most of the options. They are used for different applications, like upgrading your Operatives from their menu. There is a daily limit for the same as well, which you need to keep under 20 conversions.

How to get Silver Buck

Just like Digi Cash, you can get Silver Buck from redeem codes, Supernova, and tasks. Silver Buck can be purchased in the Shop as well in the Circulation Hub. These tokens are called Rationing Codes where with these, you can redeem Silver Buck. There are offers in which for 50 Rationing Codes you can get up to 3000 Silver Buck. The story mode will also offer a good amount of Silver Buck currencies.

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