Soccer Manager 2023: The Complete Training Guide and Tips

Train your players to their max potentials easily!

Attending training is a requirement for all football players, and for football managers, this is a great opportunity to build on key aspects of a team’s way of playing football. Training keeps up match fitness and keeps players on their toes during the downtime between matches. Therefore, It is essential for all football managers to build a dynamic and functioning training plan set out to follow for the best performance. Training has a very similar impact in Soccer Manager 2023 as well. SM23 players can pick which training drills they’d like to do every 7 days and can use this as a tool to develop their players. This Soccer Manager 2023 guide will walk through everything you need to know about training, including all the different training drills available, which ones are best to use in situations, and how to manage the impact of training drills on players.

Training in Soccer Manager 2023

Training in SM23 is simply a way to directly interact with the players and develop their abilities, whilst there is no match going on. It is highly advised to keep on top of training as a manager, in order to maximize development and improve the player’s attributes. There are a ton of benefits that come from this including:

  • Increased stats on players
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Higher chemistry levels
SM23 Training report
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There is a space of 7 game days as the cooldown for training, although there is also the option to skip the cooldown by watching an ad.

Upgrading the Training Facilities

One of the facilities included as part of the club ground is the Training Ground. Upgrade this just as any other facility – pay money and wait for construction to complete. Depending on the club budget, the Training Ground may be one of the higher priority upgrades since the benefits are really useful. Here is why:

SM23 Training Facility upgrade
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1. Unlocks more space in the weekly schedule

By default, only 2 spaces are available, excluding the Basic Training – this is always locked in. Every 2 facility upgrades, a new space is opened, and managers can obtain a total of 7 spaces from this. Since there are 6 total training drills available to select from, there is more than enough space to include all the drills once the facility is maxed out.

2. Improves the effects of certain drills

It would only make sense for a better training facility to have a better impact on the players. With each upgrade, there is an improved boost on certain drills, for example, the first upgrade improves three attributes each by 5%.

3. Expands training capacity

The training capacity indicates the recommended amount of players involved for the maximum output. By exceeding the capacity, the training is spread out amongst too many players which means individual players have a minimized impact from training. Reducing the size of the club is definitely not ideal, instead, upgrade the facility to increase the capacity, and reduce the penalty.

Using Manager Upgrades

You may notice another space at the bottom right. Players can unlock this through the Manager Upgrade. By ranking up as a manager, there is another training drill slot available to unlock with Manager Points. As shown below, the “Efficient Training” upgrade will then increase the multiplier on the additional training slot.

SM23 Efficient training manager upgrade
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Also, in the manager upgrades section, there is another training-based upgrade called “World Class Training“. This will improve the rate at which players develop, specifically the higher-rated players. There will be a few other upgrades as well, which are all worth buying at some point.

Training Drills in Soccer Manager 2023

There are a total of 6 training drills available to choose from in the game. Each of them offers different boosts and is used in varying situations. There is a limit of two copies for each drill, therefore it’s better to pick out key areas of development and strategize when picking drills.

SM23 Training drills
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  • Boosts Fitness and Attacking
  • Advantages
    • Improves the team’s chance of scoring in the next fixtures
    • Improves some key attacking stats of individuals


  • Boosts Fitness and Defending
  • Advantages
    • Decreases the chance of conceding in the next fixtures
    • Improves some key defensive stats of individuals


  • Boosts Fitness and Goalkeeping
  • Only impacts goalkeepers
  • Best to avoid this until the facility is developed further
  • Advantages
    • Quicker development for goalkeepers


  • Boosts Fitness and Physical
  • Advantages
    • The best drill to regain fitness levels
    • Improves physical attributes of individuals


  • Boosts Fitness and Technical
  • Advantages
    • Best for individual player development
    • Significant improvement to the attributes in the Technical column


  • Boosts Fitness and Tactical
  • Advantages
    • Best way to improve Squad Chemistry
    • Helps new signings to settle in quicker
    • Allows players to quickly adapt to new tactics

Tips and Tricks to maximize Training potential in Soccer Manager 2023

It can be helpful to know a few useful tricks as these can help build on the small aspects of management, which will eventually paint the bigger picture. Generally, all these tips won’t necessarily require hefty long-term investments or deep strategic thinking. Instead, they are just simple rules of thumb that can consistently help out whilst conducting training in SM23.

1. Try to upgrade the Training Facility as quickly as possible

With there being five facilities available in SM23, it can be difficult picking the one to upgrade first. The Club Zone and the Stadium will greatly improve finances in the long term. The Scouting Network and the Youth Academy will eventually become fantastic tools for recruitment as well. However, only the Training Ground offers the best short-term benefits. Instantly after construction is over, managers can have access to a much better environment to improve players, and this will help on a weekly basis. This upgrade is definitely the one to target in the early stages of the SM23 manager career.

2. Use Tactical training whenever Chemistry isn’t maximum

To view the Squad Chemistry levels, simply go to the Tactics page and look above the Boosts button. As long as this number isn’t greater than at least 90, it is highly recommended to continuously run the Tactical training drill. The differences might not seem clear, but a maximum Chemistry level has a huge impact on the squad’s overall performance.

It is also worth noting that any change to the starting line-up impacts squad Chemistry, be it signing a new player or replacing an unavailable one. Make sure to keep an eye on these changes.

3. Use Physical training in congested schedules

It is likely clubs will go through a congested schedule at some point in a season, and this can be difficult to navigate through, if not planned carefully. More fixtures mean more tired players, which means a greater risk of injuries. However, one of the best tools to combat low fitness levels is Physical training. Not only will it boost short-term fitness, but it will also improve the individual physical attributes which will help in the long term as well.

4. Be aware of the Fitness limit

There is a limit of 10% to the amount of fitness generated from each Training drill. Since Basic Training is compulsory, the limit is technically 8%. If the total fitness boosts from all the selected training drills exceed the limit, the excess is removed and only 10% is applied. In the early stages, this limit may not have much of a constraint, however as more drill slots are unlocked, the limit will be reached much more quickly. At that point, maximizing Fitness should no longer be a big issue, hence it is better to then pick the drills according to their secondary boost.

5. Keep an eye on post-match reports

After a match, managers receive a run-down of a range of in-depth statistics surrounding the performance. Looking into these a little bit after a match can help identify areas of weakness, and where the team went wrong. For example, a 2-0 win may hide the fact that your team only managed 2 shots, suggesting they may have been lucky with the goals.

SM23 Post Match report
Image by Invincibles Studio

In another case, a 1-0 loss may seem reasonable on the surface, but if the stats show the opposition managed 20+ shots, this could suggest that the team was lucky not to concede more. To ensure that doesn’t happen again, the Attacking/Defending training would then come in handy to combat this. In addition, reading the post-match reports can also have other benefits, such as identifying out-of-form players and potential areas for signings.

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I have scouted lots of players and managed develop my scouting network a to maximum level afterwards. I have noticed that the range of potential of my own players and the new players I scout is down to just 4 (for example 82-86). That is great, but the problem is the players i have scouted before still has big range for example 77-95 or whatever. Is there a way to rescout a player or simply delete the old report?

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