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Summoners War: Chronicles: Tips to get Monsters quickly in the game

An easy guide to get Monsters for companions!

Summoners War: Chronicles is a brand new MMORPG by Com2uS. The game follows up with so many monsters on purpose to serve as a companion for the Summoners. Monsters come along with different sets of powers and abilities that help players while fighting Tefo. There are some missions that are to be fulfilled and collected by the players to open the quests and get monsters along with them in Summoners War: Chronicles. 

How to get more monsters quickly in Summoners War: Chronicles

Scrolls are one of the most important factors in the game to acquire Monsters in the game. Players have to gather different types of Scrolls so that they can summon monsters and help their respective Summoners to fight easily alongside their companions. The game comes along with different types of Scrolls such as:

1. Legendary Scroll 

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters
Image via Com2uS

The Legendary Scroll helps the players to summon lots of Legendary which holds 4-5 stars. These monsters are one of the most powerful monsters and come upon with immense powers and various abilities that help the attacking stats go higher against the enemy troops. 

2. Transcendence Scroll

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters
Image via Com2uS

Transcendence Scroll is considered the best Scroll throughout the game. These Scrolls are also very hard to win the players as this helps the players to summon only the 5 stars’ top-rated monsters. These monsters are the best monsters ever present in the game and have the best abilities, skills, and powers. 

3. Light and Dark Scroll

Light-Dark Scroll
Image via Com2uS

The Light and Dark Scroll comes up with two types of monsters, the Light user and the Dark user monsters such as mystical/magical powers. These monsters belong in between 3-5 stars rating. The Dark monsters, which rate 5 stars, are the best supporters in the game, they come up with the best sets of ranged attacks and support the summoners to fight easily from the frontline. 

4. Mystical Scroll

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters
Image via Com2uS

The Mystical Scroll is an average Scroll and mostly comes up with 3 stars monsters. They hold some of the best monsters too, but it is very hard to receive them. These Scrolls are quite easy to win the players and thus they can summon a lot more monsters with the help of these Scrolls compared to other Scrolls.

5. Unknown Scroll

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters
Image via Com2uS

The Uncommon Scroll is the most received Scroll by the players. Players can be familiar with the monster rated from 1-4 stars only. The set of monsters received from this scroll is best for beginners but later players must upgrade these monsters or they might end u[ getting defeated at every stage of the arc. 

How to receive more Scrolls in Summoners War: Chronicles

Players can receive Scrolls in so many ways and summon the desired monster they want.

Summoners War: Chronicles Monsters
Image via Com2uS
  • Players must finish up with the tasks and objectives assigned to them as some of them reward them with a few Scrolls. 
  • Players must check for the achievements and finish them to win the best Scrolls so that they can easily summon 4/5 star-rated Monsters
  • Players can go for the premium Summoners Pass present for them in the game. The Premium game pass has a lot of scrolls to reward the players. Players can complete the Pass missions and win them which will help them to conquer the battlefield by summoning the best sets of monsters. 
  • Players can also go for some of the in-game packages which include in-app purchases and collect Scrolls and Monsters that will help them make their squad even stronger. 

Final Thoughts

Summoners War Chronicles has one of the best companions compared to other RPG games. Players have to play wisely and earn more scrolls so that they can summon the best sets of monsters. Monsters always play a key role in battles. Sometimes, the summoners do not come up with the power which is required to defeat the great villains, and there comes the monster who helps the Rahil guards to regain the peace. 

Did you find our Summoners War: Chronicles guide to getting more Monsters for a strong companion helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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