Super Hit Baseball Beginners Guide and Tips

Super Hit Baseball, the sports game developed by Habby and HotHead is one of the simplest single-handed baseball games you can play. Among other big baseball titles which have a lot of controls, Super Hit Baseball has very simple mechanics and offer a variety of game modes, players and events to keep you addicted. If you want to check the top 5 baseball games to play on mobile devices, you should check on this list. This guide on Super Hit Baseball will help you to explore different game modes, learn about different players, abilities and help in completing different achievements. If you’re a casual gamer, you will love this game, it’s easy to kill 5–10 minutes with this game easily. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the beginners guide for Super Hit Baseball.

Simple Game Mechanics

Super Hit Baseball Guide

The game mechanics are pretty simple and it is basically TAP and HIT. Your team is denoted in blue and the opponents in red. There are two innings in the game, wherein each innings you have to bat once and pitch the other time. Batters can be both left and right-handed.

While batting, you will control the batter to strike every ball thrown by the opponent Pitcher whereas while pitching, you can control the type of ball thrown by the Pitcher and not the player himself. This narrows down to things to how the scores are obtained and how an innings will end. Bases are scored by timing the tap which makes the current batter swing the ball to the cards on the board across the field.

There are multiple coloured cards, which change according to whether you pitch or bat. The size of these cards depends on the level of the pitcher and the batter, the higher the level bigger the card. The batting side has 3 outs for each innings and it ends the innings when 3 outs are reached. When you leave the ball, it is taken as a strike. Three continuous strikes make one out.

Bases are scored when you hit the ball to the cards which have 1B, 2B, 3B and HR. 1B will move all the players on the field by 1 base, 2B and 3B will move players 2 and 3 bases respectively. If your player strikes an HR, a Homerun is hit and all the players on the field get back to the home plate, thus scoring runs. For each player that reach the home base, a run is counted. The batting innings will only end if the opponent gets out three times.

Game Modes includes Practice Mode

There are multiple game modes and events that take place to keep players interested. These include a standard 1v1 mode, a mascot hunt event that changes characters frequently and other different game modes. There is also a practice mode that doesn’t reward you but can be used to improve your skills.

Super Hit Baseball Guide

1v1: PVP Multiplayer Mode

This mode is standard and available throughout where you will be matched with another player online. There are different stadiums you can play in and each one has an entry fee, which starts at 50 and goes up to 2,50,00,000 coins, if you win you will get double or you will lose it entirely. Here is a chart with details.

StadiumTrophy CountWin / LossEntry FeeWin Prizes
Pacific Pro Park100+5 / -1 trophies50 Coins100 Coins + 1 medal
Central City Stadium200+8 / -2 trophies300 Coins600 Coins + 2 medals
Armadillo Dome300+10 / -4 trophies1000 Coins2000 Coins + 3 medals
Elk Lake Park400+12 / -6 trophies3500 Coins7000 Coins + 4 medals
Sakura Stadium500+14 / -9 trophies12000 Coins24000 Coins + 6 medals
Castleland Field600+16 / -12 trophies40000 Coins80000 Coins + 8 medals
The Urban Plex700+18 / -15 trophies125000 Coins250000 Coins + 10 medals
Hotdog Haven800+20 / -20 trophies400000 Coins800000 Coins + 13 medals
Manhalo Bowl1000+22 / -25 trophies1250000 Coins2500000 Coins + 16 medals
Field of Legends2000+24 / -30 trophies4000000 Coins8000000 Coins + 20 medals
Emerald Park2500+26 / -35 trophies12500000 Coins25000000 Coins + 25 medals
Super Hit Baseball Guide

Play Mascot Hunt & win special bats

Frequently, the Mascot Hunt mode changes the theme, where you will have to kill the mascot which will have a health of 1,00,000 and all the ramps on the field will be open for every shot, each ball you hit via the ramp will deal 500 damage to the mascot. So, do the math to kill the mascot, there are milestones of rewards that can be obtained from this mode.

Super Hit Baseball Guide

The game does not have a limit on how many pitches you can bat each game, every game will cost you say, 500 coins to enter. There will be three different minions (slow, medium and fast), that will continuously move towards you. If any of these minions touch you, the game ends. You can either hit on power-ups that appear on the wall for aid or hit each of these minions with the ball to kill them. Once you reach 1,00,000, you can only play it for the next event. At the time of writing, the upcoming mascot mode was Miss Pinky Mascot Hunt.

This video will give you an idea of how you can play the Mascot Hunt.

Pennant Race: Gain coins & card packs

This is another mode where you will bat to gather points from the wall. You will get 10 pitches and you will get rewards for the collected points. You can only play one free match every day and if need be you can watch a video or pay gems to play another match under this mode.

At the end of each game, you will get rewards such as coins and card packs. These card packs contain coins and gems you will also get players of different rarities. Play more matches to win different packs to unlock and upgrade players.

Super Hit Baseball Guide

Rewards are obtained for free by winning matches, hitting 10 home runs (refreshes after each pack collected), 2 free card packs from the store (refreshes every 3 hours) and by watching ads or completing events. Rewards include Gems, Coins and Card packs. Card packs are different for each arena and are of multiple categories such as Silver, Diamond, Legendary etc. Each of these card packs has different classes of players.

The weekly league is one of the other places to gain rewards, all you have to do is play and reach higher leagues to get more rewards. If you are placed on the top 3, you will get a much better card pack. If you get to a good rank, you will get promoted to the next league.

Super Hit Baseball Guide

Players, Abilities and Team

Players: Activate your special Abilities

Super Hit Baseball Guide
Super Hit Baseball Guide: Add abilities to your Players

Sets of Players can be collected from card packs or can also be bought from the store using gems or from the free pack on the store. Multiple player cards can be used to upgrade the player’s power and size of the player on the field. Player’s powers are unique and help you win matches, for instance, the player Hottie here used his ability ‘CLEAN UP’ which will send players on any base, back to the home base and collect runs for the same. In case the opponent hits an out, this won’t work.

Similarly, each of the players has a special ability and there is a chance the ability gets triggered. The odds of activating the ability is random but you can upgrade these players to increase the chances. By upgrading, you should not only increase their ability activation percentage but also their size on the field. The bigger the player, the easier it is to take a catch. Yes, a catch can also get you out, that’s what fielders are for. There are over 90 players who have different abilities. Players can be classified based on their position as well as rarity.

Super Hit Baseball Guide

Player positions include – Pitcher (P), Catcher (C), First Base (1B), Second Base (2B), Third Base (3B), Shortstop (SS), Left Field (LF), Center Field (CF), Right Field (RF), and Designated Hitter (DH). A team will have one of each position mentioned above.

Player Rarities include – Beginner (Grey cards), Rookie (Green cards), Pro (Orange cards), All-Star (Purple cards), and Legendary (Yellow cards). The higher the rarity, higher the cost and quality.

Bats: Big role in boosting gameplay

Bats play an important role in boosting the gameplay, some events like the Mascot Hunt may reward you with bats, and these special bats can be used in this mode to deal more damage or can be used in other matches to make use of the boost they provide. The basic bat is of unlimited-use and does not need to be purchased. But, event bats and other bats have to be won or purchased to use. You can get 10, 20 or 30 bats using coins or gems. These bats are of one-time use and one bat will be used up for each match. They provide Control, Boost and Power. Control reduces the opponent’s pitch speed, while Boost increases your ability and Power increases the hit wall size. The percentage depends on the type of bat you purchase.

Super Hit Baseball Guide: Bats

Team Formation

Let’s talk about the cost of the cards. In your roster, you can see the players on the team. You can choose a team within the maximum cost limit set on the above. This maximum cost changes based on your level in the game. You should utilize the cost to always have a balanced team. The cost of each player is shown on top of the card. So, always choose wisely and don’t pick cards for their rarity, even Rookie and Pro cards work well when they are upgraded properly. Mix and match to form a team and always try out new players that you collect from card packs.

Super Hit Baseball Guide: Team Formation

Clubs and Achievements

Invite-only clubs

You can join or create your own club for 250 gems. Add your friends to chat and play alongside. Clubs can also help view ranking among friends. The clubs are mostly invite-only and no one generally does accept the request. You could also add your Facebook account to get 500 gems, which will allow you to view ranking among friends and gift coins among friends. Additionally, you also get gems for inviting friends to the game. The login also helps to sync the game progress and play on multiple devices.

Super Hit Baseball Guide: Clubs


Stats can always be viewed if you click on the profile icon. Along with it, you can see a lot of stuff including win percentage, total matches played etc. You can also view the winning streak and best game stats here.

Super Hit Baseball Guide: Achievements


Currency in the game: Gems & Coins

Gems and Coins are the primary currency that can be used to purchase card packs, bats and players on sale. Coins can also be used to upgrade players and to enter games in 1v1. Gems are used to quickly open card packs and buy coins, new players and card packs from the store.

Store at a glance

You can purchase card packs, coins, gems and bats from the store. Occasionally, you will also get offers on bundles. These are optional purchases and can be used to improve the overall gameplay experience and progress easily.

Super Hit Baseball Guide: Store at a glance

Super Hit Baseball Tips and Tricks

  • Upgrade and use a combination of a rookie, pro and all-star players instead of legendary players, this will reduce the cost of the team.
  • Play practice matches to time and perfects your batting skills.
  • Use pitchers with different balls such as Curve ball, fast and slow to confuse opponents and make easy outs.
  • Play all events to win cards and coins.
  • Play frequently to gain a place in the leaderboards and collect top prizes.
  • Upgrade all the players to activate their abilities which are key to winning matches.
  • If you start the innings, try to score more than 5 runs to make opponents struggle to meet the score. This would make them lose their players.

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willie j morris

How do u use the cards. Like stealing. Pitchers focus


It is automatically triggered based on the players. The more the player level is the more chances they get triggered.


Our club owner left and the new owner doesn’t play anymore, any possibilities of taking over?


How do you get home run celebration unlocked


By achieving season rewards and which can be applied from the the position next to gear I think in formation where you can also find ball trails and all

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