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Sword Dynasty: Immortal Companions Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best companions of this month!

Sword Dynasty: Immortal is the recent addition to the world of action RPG games. The game has 6 main characters, out of which players have to select anyone to continue the game further. The game also provides 10 best companions to the players whom they can use while locomotion while struggling through the stages and chapters of the story. Fret not, we have summarized the companions from Sword Dynasty: Immortal according to their strengths in this Tier List.

Sword Dynasty: Immortal Companions Tier List for December 2022

Swords Dynasty: Immortal categorizes the companions of the game into four different tiers; S, A, B, and C respectively. This categorization is done on the basis of HP, ATK, DEF, and Armour Break stats of every companion present in-game. Thus, let us look out for the best tier list and best class meta players indeed.

Strong (S)Rebellious Dijang,
Celestial Deer,
Chaotic Dragon,
Bloodthirsty Vajra,
Abyssal Dragon
Good (A)Armour Breaking Battle Wolf,
Flaming Kirin,
Frost Kirin,
Icescale Drake
Fair (B)Polar Bear,
Ferocious Tiger,
Dust Rhino,
Ride the Wave
Weak (C)Soul Eating Leopard,
Flaming Tiger,
Flame Beast
Sword Dynasty: Immortal Companions Tier List for December 2022

Best Meta Companions from each class for Sword Dynasty: Immortal in December 2022

The Companions of Swords Dynasty: Immortal is divided into three different classes as well. This is done so far so that players can easily pick the best companions as per their squad buildup strategies and just can make the ultimate team along with the Super powerful main characters.

Warrior Class Companions – Rebellious Dijang

The Rebellious Dijang is an ancient Chinese fire-type dragon who was termed in mythology as one of the strongest companions ever any human can have. The strength and the obsession to help its master was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Image via WindFun 3000

In the game itself, the companion carries 20000 massive HP points along with ATK power worth 600 and having DEF and Armour Break of around 300. The companion is itself a born beast and when it comes to playing, he is one of the best to provide the perfect starter support while fighting and in locomotion as well.

Support Class Companions – Chaotic Dragon

Support class companions have the best set of roles in every RPG game, and thus here comes the Chaotic Dragon. Chaotic Dragon is considered as the best support class because of the ability to fly high over the battle area. The best part indeed, it can move from one location to another in just a blink of an eye and also can provide the best support to the main character from up high above the sky, without being able to come under notice.

Image via WindFun 3000

The companion is a gigantic muscular Dragon that has over 12000 HP points along with 320 ATK and 180 DEF as well as Armour Break points respectively. Chaotic Dragon has some of unique traits that can be witnessed by the players while flying in-game. The Dragon is a Dark-type companion and thus manipulates the enemies with its psychic powers.

Mage Class Companions – Celestial Deer

Swords Dynasty: Immortal always had a being who is directly sent from the side of the Gods, and this being is none other than the Celestial Deer. A very famous mythological creature that has been introduced in the game, Celestial Deer is a magic user companion that can provide the best trauma to enemies from a very far end. The companion can fly super fast and sense the presence of the enemy from quite a far distance itself.

Image via WindFun 3000

The companion has over 14000 HP points which is a massive one as compared to other mage class companions. Following up with this, it also has a massive 420 ATK points along with 210 DEF and Armour Break points respectively. Being a Mage class companion, Celestial Deer is one of the strongest ones and can even give tough competition to some quality Warrior class companions as well.

What do you think about this Sword Dynasty: Immortal Companions Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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