T3 Arena Gatlyn Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Beauty and Brains with a Beast!

Players who have been playing T3 Arena are already aware of Gatlyn and her overbearing firepower. However, if you missed season 3, then you still might not have gotten your hands on this damaged hero yet. Here’s our Gatlyn guide with her abilities and how to use her properly in T3 Arena. We have previously discussed how to master playing with other heroes like Vincent and Zero-Kelvin. Be sure to check the past character guides as well. But, for now, let’s dive into Gatlyn.

As far as her lore goes, she was born into a military family and was forced to move into a military school by her parents where she was bullied due to her frail body. But she had a deep knack for technology, so the genius found her corner in a basement where she made a mecha exoskeleton, a piece of heavy machinery to be used as a military tech for protection as well as mass destruction.


Active Ability

Uber Charge is Gatlyn’s game-changing ability which allows her to enter a high-damage buff from where she can bring down hellfire on opponents. It’s mostly meant for long-range engagements where she can rain down heavy suppressive fire on enemy lines.

T3 Arena Gatlyn Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Gatlyn can stay in this form for as long as she needs. However, do not let your enemies close the distance with you because Gatlyn’s movement speed is heavily reduced in this form. As she operates like a sentry, enemies who can flank her can easily take her down from the back.

Ultimate Ability

T3 Arena Gatlyn Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Her ultimate ability, Force Field generates a dome-shaped forcefield that blocks any incoming attack and pushes enemies behind. This can protect Gatlyn as well as her entire team from heavy fire and she can also use this as a tool to maintain a safe distance from enemies. Some attacks like Judex’s ultimate can penetrate Gatlyn’s shield.

Passive Ability

Gatlyn’s passive ability, Crippling Rounds adds a crippling effect to her gun which makes it difficult for opponents to move around. This way Gatlyn can pin down her targets and take them out like easy prey. 

Best Weapons for Gatlyn to use in T3 Arena

Gatlyn’s main weapon, the XM2140 Rotary Gun, is a full-fledged machine attached to the right arm of her exoskeleton. Although the base damage of the weapon is significantly low, it has an impressive fire rate with a mag capacity that can wipe an entire team in one spray.

Tips and Tricks to use Vincent in T3 Arena

  • As Gatlin, always mount yourself at places where enemies can’t close the distance with you easily – preferably in high grounds or large open spaces.
  • Remember to switch between your active and normal modes according to the fight’s range. If you hear an enemy closing in, it is wise to switch to normal mode and utilize your movement skills instead of sitting duck as a sentry.

Best Team Combinations to use with Gatlyn in T3 Arena

  • Gatlyn and Iris/Jabali: A team doesn’t need another damage dealer when Gatlyn is onboard. So, the main objective is to keep her alive. Jabali, with his shield, can provide crucial protection for her to spam heavy rounds without having to worry about receiving damage. Iris will provide a steady inflow of HP because Gatlyn will always remain the first target of opponent teams due to her insane damage-dealing abilities.
  • Gatlyn and Hunter/Fort: Gatlyn’s main threat will always remain enemies who are trying to sneak up on her. Therefore, Hunter can alert the enemies from any lurkers nearby and Gatlyn will know where to put her crosshair. But when the battle is upfront, not only can Fort place shields for Gatlyn, but she can also take great advantage of Fort’s ultimate when he pulls the enemy team to one place for easy kills. 
Heroes that can counter GatlynHeroes that Gatlyn can counter
Aleta and Yaa (dash and flank)Jabali
Victor (stun)Mark
Shell (teleport and flank)Fort
Ossas (headshot)Gloria

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that one way or the other, most heroes in the game can counter Gatlyn easily. As Gatlyn, always remember to maintain your distance and execute your role as damage support. Landing in the heat of the battle to secure objectives is the last thing you wanna do with her. 

Did you find our guide on Gatlyn in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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