Talking Tom Time Rush Beginners Guide and Tips

Run fast through the Magic Gate!

Talking Tom Time Rush, the latest game from the series Talking Tom & Friends by Outfit7 is now available to play. Talking Tom and his buddies have a marvelous Magic Gate in Talking Tom Time Rush that enables them to instantaneously go to fantastic worlds of adventure. Here is a Talking Tom Time Rush beginners guide to tell you the basics and how to master the game.

Due to Roy Rakoon’s attempt to ruin the festivities by stealing the crystals that power the Magic Gate, Tom, and his pals now have to pursue him across the cosmos to recover the stolen crystals. And the other Rakoonz will take every action necessary to prevent them.

Talking Tom Time Rush Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep Swiping while Airborne

Talking Tom Time Rush’s gameplay revolves around swiping left and right as you’re moving. There are moments when you must do this to obtain riches or go around a challenge. Therefore, always gaze forward if you jump, swing on a trapeze, or find yourself in the air for any other reason.

Talking Tom Time Rush available
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Before you land, swipe in the direction of the trail of gold if it is not directly in front of you. Also, swipe away from any obstacles in your path if there are any.

2. Utilise the Special Scenery

While most of the items you see in Talking Tom Time Rush are barriers that you must avoid, a few of them can be of assistance. Super leaps can be found in Dino World, super jumps and trapezes in Pirate World, and gushing barrels in Marble World. Watch out because the gushing barrels can sometimes push you into obstacles rather than away from them, so be careful! Trapezes and super jumps, however, are always helpful, so make sure to run onto every super jump and jump to every trapeze.

3. Collect Gold to unlock Worlds and Rewards

In Talking Tom Time Rush, the more gold you gather, the farther you advance along the magic map, and you receive rewards at each new stage of the magic map. Sticker packs, Silver Paws, new planets, cash, exclusive stages, and chests are just a few of the many rewards that can be unlocked. Additionally, your score multiplier rises each time you pass a new stage on the magic map, making it simpler to surpass your own and your friends’ high scores.

4. Don’t miss out on the Power-ups

In Talking Tom Time Rush, there are three separate power-ups: shields, magnets, and jetpacks. Each one is worthwhile to get. Always choose the power-up over gold if you can because it will help you earn more gold in the end.

Talking Tom Time Rush pre-registration
Image via OutFit7

The Jetpack lets you fly above the road for a while, which is great because there is always lots of gold there and no obstacles, the Shield protects you if you hit an obstacle, and the Magnet allows you to collect all the gold on the screen even without running into it, and the Magnet allows you to avoid obstacles.

5. Avoid playing too Safe

When you first begin playing Talking Tom Time Rush, it makes sense to be safe and concentrate on extending your run as much as you can. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that the roads with the greatest gold are frequently the most hazardous. Start attempting the routes that need higher reflexes and accuracy when you’re feeling more assured because they’ll reward your running prowess with much gold.

6. Save your Silver Paws

In Talking Tom Time Rush, you’ll find plenty of gold, but Silver Paws are more difficult to locate. They’re used to purchase sticker packs, chests, and “rescue me” chances when you crash during a run, but they’re hard to come by, so consider your options before using them. If you go a little bit further, will you set a new record? The “rescue me” then might be worth the price. If you need one more sticker to purchase a new outfit? The sticker pack might, then, be worth the money.

7. Earn Rewards

In Talking Tom Time Rush, earning rewards is not limited to running. Additionally, opening chests and turning the reward wheel will grant you rewards. There is always a surprise involved, and that uncertainty adds to the excitement. But regardless of whether you receive gold, Silver Paws, or stickers, your prizes will definitely up the ante on the enjoyment!

8. Collect Stickers to unlock Outfits

In Talking Tom Time Rush, each sticker you get contributes to an image of Tom or one of his companions. You can unlock the costume in an image if you can gather every sticker for that particular picture. Tap your current character on the main start screen to change outfits. To select a different character, tap their portrait in the bottom right corner after using the left and right arrows to browse their wardrobe.

9. Explore the Side Paths

Running in Talking Tom Time Rush may occasionally cause the left or right lane to swerve over to the side while the other two lanes proceed straight ahead. You will remain in the same universe if you choose one of these side pathways, however, side paths are more difficult than the main path. Exploring side paths is a great way to earn more gold by taking a little more risk because they also contain a lot more gold.

10. Unlock and explore the Special Paths

In Talking Tom Time Rush, you’ll notice that the path periodically divides into three lanes, with the middle lane being closed, when you first begin playing in a new area. You must go deeper on the magic map to unlock that center lane, which leads to a unique path.

Talking Tom Time Rush available
Image via OutFit7

For instance, the special path in Dino World, where you get to ride the Stone Bike, becomes accessible at level 10 on the magic map. You navigate a pirate ship on the special road in Pirate World, and you escape a raging volcano on the special path in Marble World. Each unique path is more thrilling than the last one.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Talking Tom Time Rush beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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