Teamfight Tactics: Best comps for TFT Patch 10.25

Have you found the best comps for the new TFT patch yet?

It is common for players to think about teams and units you should be fighting for in Teamfight Tactics. With the recent 10.25 patch which we covered, the usual movement of comps is almost settled. You might feel some combinations really strong, but even they might be lacking the damage that only the perfect item could give. To help you with it, we will be guiding you all through the best available comps for Patch 10.25 in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) with the highest win rate for your ranked (or casual) use.

Best comps for TFT Patch 10.25

The greatest teams to climb and guarantee your next ranked rewards.We divide the tiers like this

  • Tier-Name
  • Economy method
  • How to play, what items to look for, and who to equip.

S-Chosen Duelists

Slow Roll at level 5

The duelist trait is one of the best fighting comps you can do to win games because of its versatility and compatibility. With this one, you will focus exclusively on getting the trait complete by reaching 6 duelists and 3-staring some of them. Reach 5 before the end of the first round and roll your excess gold every round until you 3 star Jax, Fiora, and Yasuo.

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.25

Alternatively, you can spend as little as possible and hyperrol it all on 3-1, although this is riskier. Your main focus here should be 3 stars Kalista and get her a Guinsoo and a Runaan Hurricane. If your carousels or drops allow you, do a Hand of Justice and a Guardian Angel for Yasuo. Since Jax is in the comp, Sunfire Cape will also do just right. Let Kalista at the backline and merge in some supports for better efficiency.

S-Chosen Dusk

Standard economy

With the previous dusk buffs, the chosen dusks became one great option. This comp thrives on Riven’s shields and Jhin’s crits. Starting with 2 dusks and some assassins or mages to benefit from the buff, you will look foward to just get a Chosen dusk and grant the 6 buff. Get the shooter combo I.E+ Last Whisper and put it on Jhin. Afterwards, just explode people until you win.

S-Chosen Mages

Slow Roll at level 7

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.25

With twice the casts comes twice the trouble. In this comp, you will seek to gather your mages and 3 stars Annie and Veigar. Use Annie as your frontline unstoppable tank, gaining tons of shield and burning everyone with skills and items. While that happens, let Veigar sit with a Blue Buff on the backline while he blows people away. Once you get everyone, do an elder wood bump up and if you get some lucky rolls you can also 3-star nami for more time of stun.

S-Chosen Elderwoods

Standard Economy

This is one of the two great comps that you can do with Ashe. This one will focus specifically on Ashe, so get a Guinsoo and a Giant Slayer for your win. You will need a chosen Elderwood so you can get the 6 buffs with 5 of them. If the game drops a Spatula, make sure to change the focus from 2 Dazzler to 9 Elderwoods.

S-Chosen Hunters

Standard Economy

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.25

This is the second great comp you can do with Ashe, but this time around you will be focusing on 3-staring kindred. There will be some items on Ashe, but the focus is a blue buff on a very critty 3 star Kindred with Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet. Just watch your enemies be chewed by the wolf while the sheep( and Ashe) clean the fields.

Be sure to keep checking on our guides as we continuously update them as the meta progresses. Keep an eye for the next news on the mid-set update, as Riot announced that it will come in 11.2

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.25 changes and Best Comps for the same. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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