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Tower of Fantasy: Aberration Subject Monster locations and its rewards

Here's everything about Aberration Subject Monster locations!

In Tower of Fantasy, there are a variety of different creatures that roam the map. While many are docile and can be avoided, some are more aggressive and challenging to deal with. This blog post will outline the specific locations of all Aberration Subject monsters in the game. Knowing where they spawn will help you better prepare for battle, or avoid them altogether if you’re not feeling up to it. So, without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of all Aberration subject monster locations and what rewards they offer in Tower of Fantasy.

Aberration Subject Monsters locations in Tower of Fantasy

The land of Aida is home to five unique Aberration Subject monsters, and each one has its number namely Aberration Subject 003, Aberration Subject 005, Aberration Subject 006, Aberration Subject 007, and Aberration Subject 008. Here is the walkthrough to find and fight these deadly monsters. Following all the five locations given below on the map.

1. Aberration Subject 003

Tower of Fantasy Aberration Subject Monsters locations
Image via Level Infinite

You can find the first Aberration monster to the north side of Aesperia spawning near the Warren Snowfield. Go through the Saag Passage and you can find the Aberration Subject 003 monster sleeping on the ground. (Coordinates: 726.1, -503.2)

2. Aberration Subject 005

Tower of Fantasy Aberration Subject Monsters locations
Image via Level Infinite

As you find and defeat the first Aberration monster in the north of Aesperia, you do not need to move any far but walk out to the point between Saag Passage, and Warren Omnium tower. (Coordinates: 924.0, -693.4)

3. Aberration Subject 006

Aberration Subject 006
Image via Level Infinite

Players now need to zip through the Saag Passage and go to the Warren Snowfield to find the next Aberration Subject 006 monster waiting in the open field for the wanderers. (Coordinates: 684.8, -594.1)

4. Aberration Subject 007

Tower of Fantasy Aberration Subject Monsters locations
Image via Level Infinite

To get to Aberration Subject 007, you need to move westwards of Saag passage. You can easily spot the monster on the ground ready to battle it out with you. (Coordinates: 464.4, -680.4)

5. Aberration Subject 008

Tower of Fantasy Aberration Subject Monsters locations
Image via Level Infinite

The last subject also spawns near the Aberration Subject 007 but this monster is guarded by powerful enemies around. Get ready to fight it out with this last Aberration monster and earn all your rewards. (Coordinates: 467.2, -604.6)

Tower of Fantasy Aberration Subject Monster rewards

With every battle against these Aberration subjects, wanderers get 7 Achievement currency and 10 Dark crystals for successfully defeating the monsters. All in all, players can earn 35 Achievement currency and 50 Dark Crystals after beating out the 5 Aberration subjects.

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