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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips to increase your Combat Score (CS) in the game

Increase your CS with this guide!

Tower of Fantasy is the new open-world MMORPG made by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Level Infinite. Since the release of the game, players have had a lot of questions about combat score (CS), what it is, what it means, and how to increase it. In his guide, we will cover everything about combat score and how to increase it in Tower of Fantasy.

What is Combat Score in Tower of Fantasy

TOF combat score
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CS is a numerical standard for PvP skills. The abbreviation of CS is Combat Score. It also stands for determining the strength of the character, how much damage the character can deal on enemies, and also, skill level for PvP. Higher CS is important as its role is self-explanatory. But higher CS is needed to upgrade suppressors. CS can also be seen on backpack, and character screens.

Sometimes the players will also see CS Redacted under player profiles. To Know more about that, check our detailed article.

How to increase Combat Score in Tower of Fantasy

1. By investing in weapons and making a better set

One of the easy ways to increase CS is to invest in weapons and upgrade them to higher levels. But to keep the CS in effect, players also have to use the upgraded weapons to see a change in CS. We recommend players make a set of weapons they like to use and upgrade them. And then use those specific sets of upgraded weapons in battles to have the CS in effect.

2. By equipping with high CS gears

Higher CS gears can be found in ruins dungeons. Medium and Hard difficulties will help get better armor and better CS.

Tower of Fantasy Exploration
Image via Level Infinite

3. Through Joint operations

Joint Operations is a cross-server co-op mode, which is unlocked at Level 20. It’s free to enter. However, it requires 30 vitality to open each chest. The rewards of the chests vary day by day. But more importantly, there is a chance for the player to get gear with higher CS.

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