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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips to upgrade the Suppressor quickly

Save yourself from omnium radiation by upgrading the suppressor!

In Tower of Fantasy, the suppressor plays an important role in the story. Technically, the suppressor plays the role of keeping the player safe during exploring the vast world of the Tower of Fantasy without getting affected by omnium radiation. That’s why it’s pretty important to upgrade the suppressor so you can explore the areas unhindered. In this guide, we will cover how to upgrade suppressors, and ways to get potent omnium crystal for upgrades. So without any further ado, let’s dive into our today’s guide on how to upgrade suppressor quickly in Tower of Fantasy.

How to upgrade the Suppressor in Tower of Fantasy

Suppressor upgrades have requirements to be fulfilled before upgrading. If you have fulfilled all the conditions for the upgrade, press the upgrade button and the suppressor will be upgraded instantly. You can also see what are the stat changes you will get after the upgrade.

Tower of Fantasy suppressor
Image via Level Infinite

In lower versions, the requirement is for a certain number of levels to be reached and in higher stages, it would be CS. But in all stages, potent omnium crystals are needed to complete the upgrade. That’s why it’s important to know how to get Potent Omnium Crystals fast.

How to find Potent Omnium Crystals to upgrade suppressor

Whatever stage you are upgrading your suppressor, you will need Potent Omnium Crystal. Potent Omnium Crystals are often found in many different ways. Here are some of them:

1. Completing Ruins

Completing the ruins is one of the straightforward ways to get crystals. Although it can get quite hard as the difficulties of the enemies in the ruins are quite high. Inside the ruins, there are different chests. Opening the chests may reward the player with Potent Omnium Crystals. Try to open as many chests as you can as it broadens the possibility of getting the crystals.

2. Bygone Phantasm

Crystals can also be obtained by clearing bygone phantasm, This is unlocked once the character reaches Level 26. To open this, go to the bounty menu and press the tab.

3. Level 1 Crew Store

Tof crew store
Image via Level Infinite

Potent Omnium Crystals can also be bought from the crew store. At the expense of 500 crew points for each crystal, it is a convenient option for many players.

4. Finishing Missions

Omnium crystals can also be obtained from completing different missions, winning fights, and finishing quests. The quest rewards can be found under the Terminal option in the menu. Players can also find the crystals by exploration.

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