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Tower of Fantasy: How to find Fatty Cuts Locations and its usage

Here's how to get Fatty Cuts!

Tower of Fantasy is a game full of surprises and you can never predict what might happen next. It’s one of the reasons why the game is so popular. One of the things that you can find in Tower of Fantasy is Fatty Cuts. They are rare and highly sought-after materials that you can use to create some of the most powerful buffs in the game.

Players can obtain Fatty Cuts by killing certain animals in the game. The enemies that drop Fatty Cuts are quite rare too. If you’re looking for Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll have to explore the world carefully. While they can be difficult to find, the rewards are well worth the effort. With our guide, you’ll learn about Fatty Cuts locations and how to get them in Tower of Fantasy.

Fatty Cuts locations in Tower of Fantasy

The rarest of all cooking ingredients in the game is Fatty Cuts. This food cannot be found early on because it’s only available after exploring Crown Mines. It has very high radiation levels and not many resources to speak of (especially when you’re just starting). With a little patience and exploration, players will soon be able to add all of these beautiful locations to their map. Head into these locations below to find them all!

Tower of Fantasy Fatty Cuts Locations
Image via Level Infinite

There are five different locations in Crown Mines for Fatty Cuts. Along with Crown Mines, there is just one place where this tasty treat might show up.

Tower of Fantasy Fatty Cuts Locations
Image via Level Infinite

You can also find Fatty Cuts in the Banges area of Tower Of Fantasy, but it’s well worth finding because this place has little to no radiation and you’ll always have difficulties discovering them.

How to use the Fatty Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

The Fatty Cut is an item found in most animals that can’t be dropped by any other creature. The best place to find them is on Honey Badgers, who live along riverbanks and have a high chance of dropping them when killed. Fatty Cuts can be used in two cooking recipes. 

The fatty cuts recipe Wanderers can make use of is Braised meat. It will regenerate +20 Satisfaction, Ice Resistance +15% and Ice Resistance +675 for 20 minutes. The second recipe is Juicy BLT.2 You need to add Brown Rice and 2 Poultry Eggs with a fatty cut to regenerate +20 Satisfaction, Flame Resistance +15%, and Flame Resistance +675 for 20 minutes.

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