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Tower of Fantasy: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Acquire the best and meta characters easily!

Tower of Fantasy (ToF) is a shared open-world MMORPG, developed by Hotta Studio for multiple platforms including PC, Android, and iOS devices. The current Global version of the game is published by Level Infinite. Tower of Fantasy has chosen an ambitious path to make a unique type of MMO usually not seen in this genre. The game combines sci-fi elements with stylized animations to bring a unique experience. Since the game is an MMO RPG and has active PvP, powerful characters are a must. Here is a detailed Tower of Fantasy reroll guide that will help you get started with the best characters.

How to reroll efficiently in Tower of Fantasy

Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy is not recommended as it can take at least 15-20 minutes before you can even access the gacha banners which is quite tedious. However, the pre-registration rewards were recently increased so rerolling for a few accounts to see if you can get lucky doesn’t seem like a bad idea. 

The game doesn’t have any method for account reset or deletion. However, you can create as many accounts as you like and even get rid of them very easily with a trick that makes rerolling very viable. Here’s how you can reroll in Tower of Fantasy with the help of the below-mentioned ways in our guide.

How to reroll in Tower of Fantasy using Salted emails

In Tower of Fantasy, you can use salted emails to create as many accounts as you like, all with one single email account. For example, if your email is –, you can salt it by adding a suffix (+1) or a (.) before the @.

This email can be salted to make,,, and so on. Every salted email will be counted as a separate entity by the game but your main email will still receive all the verification codes. Use this trick to make accounts and after every failed reroll simply exit that account and make a new account from a salted email.

Note: Every Username once created gets locked with that account and cannot be used by any other account. So keep in mind to use a generic name combination for your rerolling purposes. Once you get the perfect account, you will get a chance to rename it.

Tower of Fantasy Rerolling for Android Devices

  • Start the game and make sure to log in by registering a new account and do not use any third-party account to sign up.
Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide
Image via Hotta Studio
  • Play through the main tutorial and try to rush through the cutscenes as much as possible. The tutorial will not end until you unlock the gacha window, so continue with it.
  • You can even skip the character creation window and get back to it later.
  • Once you have unlocked the gacha window, claim the pre-registration rewards which will include 20 Gold Nucleus and that will be used for rolling on the gacha banners. 
  • The first 30 pulls have a guaranteed SSR drop which should be the aim for every reroll attempt. Now the pre-registration reward will only amount to 20 pulls but the overworld has Gold Nucleus scattered around which will easily let you hit the pity required.
Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide
Image via Hotta Studio
  • To collect the extra 10 Gold Nucleus, head over to the Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map and toggle the icon for Gold Nucleus which will highlight all of them in the region. Now head over to collect these Gold nuclei that are the closest to you and try to hit the guaranteed pity.
  • If you got the characters you wanted simply bind the game account, if not then continue ahead.
Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide
Image via Hotta Studio
  • Since the game doesn’t have any one-click way for account reset, all you have to do is log out from the current game account from the launcher and then start with a newly registered account and repeat until you are satisfied. The logout button can be accessed from the top-right menu.

Tower of Fantasy rerolling for iOS Devices

The Android rerolling method will also work for iOS devices.

How to reroll on an Emulator for Tower of Fantasy

Emulators are the go-to tools for rerolling most of the time, as compared to native Android and iOS devices. BlueStacks, LD Player and Memu are the most commonly used emulators on the market, select any one of them and continue. For general rerolling, emulators have all the features that are needed so no need to fret over the perfect emulator but do give a thorough read of the documentation for the one you choose, to get things done. Start the rerolling with these steps:

  • First Install the game on a 64-bit instance, as 64-bit will provide better performance and stability as compared to 32-bit one. Moreover, Most modern games are optimized for 64-bit.
  • Install the game on the base instance, but don’t open the game. Make clones of the base instance, and once there are 3-4 instances, use the workaround and start with rerolling on every instance including the base one.
  • Follow the same method as Android rerolling on each emulator instance, and switch to a new account when you get a bad reroll and start over.
  • When you get the perfect account with the best characters, bind the game to any other third-party account for extra protection.

Note: As of now the global version of Tower of Fantasy doesn’t seem to be working with any popular emulators and will only show a black screen of death and 0-10 fps. The CN version did support emulators so the reason for the error is still unknown, either the game developers are actively restricting the game to be run on emulators or it is some sort of bug. If you are able to get the game to run on an emulator then follow the guidelines below.

How to bind a game account in Tower of Fantasy

The game always requires a binded game account before you can even start playing so another bind with a third party is not necessary but in unseen circumstances, it might turn out to be very useful.

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide
Image via Hotta Studio

Navigate to Game’s Settings from the main menu of the game and then head over to Compliance, here you can see the option for account bind in Bind Account. Tap on it and bind your current game account to any third-party account for more protection. As usual account binding is highly recommended so that you can play the game across multiple devices.

What are your thoughts on our Tower of Fantasy reroll guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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