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Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide and Tips

Who will be crowned?

Tower of God: Great Journey is an RPG genre game developed by NGELGAMES with a background in a webtoon comic entitled Tower of God. Like a tower, this game has a kind of floor or level where each level has a different boss and the higher the level, the more difficult it will be to face. To complete the floor, you need to understand a few things about the basics of this game so that it’s easy to play. In this Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide, we will do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics of Tower of God: Great Journey

Understanding Rice Pot Training

There is a difference when it comes to floors in this game. When you are in the lobby and your character automatically fights continuously, then it’s called Rice Pot Training. In Rice Pot Training, you are required to reach higher floors and there are stages.

Tower of God Great Journey Beginners Guide

In order to complete the floor, there are 5 stages where each stage you have to defeat a specified number of monsters, and when you reach the 5th stage, you can fight the boss. Here, in this Rice Pot Training, you can deploy 5 characters in your team along with the fate you have.

Tower of God Great Journey Beginners Guide
11Image via NGELGAMES

Then there is also the story, as the name implies, here you will have a battle interspersed with a storyline that matches the Webtoon Tower of God. Just like Rice Pot Training, there are 5 stages that need to be completed first, but the difference is that the number of deploy characters is only 4. Here you can use the Auto feature to make it easier to run the surface, so you can see it, without any taps

Team Cohesion

There are two kinds of teams that you can manage here, the first for Rice Pot Training with 5 characters and Story with 4 characters. Then you can also use Activate and Passive Fate Skills provided that you already have the fate skills according to the character.

Team Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide

If you are confused about which character you should deploy, then you can just use Auto Assign, and then the game will automatically deploy according to combat power.


There are 4 types available in the challenge, the first is the Tower of Trials which is useful for you to look for some resources by completing each existing floor or stage. Then there are Ranker Wars to do battle with teams from other players and can get daily rewards according to your ranking.

Contents of challenge

Then there is Headon’s Summon which is useful for you to summon or commonly known as rerolling both characters and Ignition Weapons. There is the Administrator’s Trial, here you will fight against a hardcore boss raid which is quite difficult to complete and is only available on certain days, such as the White Armored Eel on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. There is a Red Armored Eel on Tuesday and Friday. Then there is a Gigantic Sentinel on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Tower of God: Great Journey Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Increase your Combat Power

So that it’s easy for you to complete both Story, Rice Pot Training, Challenges, and the like, then you need to increase the combat power of your team. However, because the level of each character follows your account level, you can upgrade gear with upgrade stones.

combat power

However, there is a success rate that allows you to fail in terms of upgrading, but if you fail, you will be exchanged for a Flower of Zigena. For gear in this game, it uses a gear division system, so 1 gear can be used for all characters.

combat power

The second is to Transcend, but this requires the Transcend Material of that character, which means you need to have 2 of the same character. Then you can also level up character skills that require a Basic Skill Book and some gold. Then use the Ignition weapon to get Awaken Shinsu Skill or certain effects and don’t forget to upgrade it. But if you use the Legendary Ignition Weapon, then you can activate a special skill, namely Shinsu Skill.

2. Take advantage of the Redeem Codes

redeem codes

Tower of God: Great Journey is a game that is somewhat difficult to reroll because of the few rewards given, especially in terms of Summon Tickets where characters are very important in a team, therefore you can use the available redeem code to get some rewards.

3. Don’t forget to claim your time-based rewards

time-based rewards

In this game, resources are important for you in terms of improving in terms of character, gear, and the like. Therefore, here are rewards that can be claimed even if you are not currently opening or playing this game, namely from the accumulated rewards in the Rice Pot. There is a maximum time in this feature, the longer the time, the more rewards will be given, such as Gold, EXP, various shards, upgrade stones, gear, and others.

4. Use the Shinsu Reinforcement

Shinsu Reinforcement is one thing that is quite important to improve your character according to your position such as Fisherman, Light Barrier, Wave Controller, Scout, and Spear Bearer. Here, you have to be smart in managing and choosing which Shinsu to choose because to increase the Shinsoo you need the Flower of Zigena which can be obtained when you fail to upgrade gear.

Shinsu Reinforcement

Therefore, we recommend that you first look at each character’s position in the team. So you can choose a more dominant position on the team. Reinforcement for Shinsu is in the form of ATK, DEF, HP, ACC Debuff, Resist Debuff, Crit, Crit Resist, ACC, and EVA.

5. Follow the path to Ranker

path to ranker Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide

If you are confused about playing this game, then you can follow the Path to Ranker in the Newbie Event, because you will be guided to always make progress after progress, such as reaching certain floors, upgrading gear, leveling up skills, and like. In addition, if you can complete the Beginners Guide on the path to ranker, you will get a Summon Ticket like Legendary or Epic.

Final Thoughts

Tower of God: Great Journey is a game that can be enjoyed by those of you who like stunning animation, especially if you are a follower of the Tower of God webtoon, because there will be no difficulty with the contents here, one of which is the role of each position.

That’s all for today’s Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide! Did you find this Tower of God: Great Journey Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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