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Tower of God: New World Beginners Guide and Tips

The details to kickstart your journey!

Tower of God: New World is yet another title inspired by the popular Tower of God franchise. Staying true to the original universe, the game features unique RPG characteristics and strategic elements. The game comes with different modes to try out as well as a plethora of characters to choose from to battle the bigger bosses. Since the game is relatively new, there are some mechanics of the game that needs learning for the players. To ease the learning curve, we’ve come up with a Tower of God: New World Beginners Guide with essential tips to familiarize players with the game’s fundamentals.

Tower of God: New World Gameplay Overview

Tower of God: New World is a captivating story-driven idle RPG, which comes with two distinct game modes, the Adventure, and the Story Mode. In the former, players will embark on an Adventure route that leads them through a specific path of progression with different levels coming into the scene. Battles play a pivotal role in the game, as players encounter formidable foes they must defeat to advance further.

Tower of God: New World gameplay
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The story mode is a bit on the plot-driven side, where there are broken down into chapters. Within this mode, players will encounter a mini-world filled with various quests and missions that are displayed on the screen. Each chapter of the story mode presents players with objectives, and the narration they experience will be staying true to the original series.

Like traditional idle RPGs, players have the convenience of choosing from multiple battle options. One such feature is the auto-battle, where players can let the game’s AI take control of their character, allowing them to breeze through levels effortlessly. Moreover, they can opt for a double pace during auto battles, making the process even quicker.

Resources and in-game items

There are two major resources in the game namely Suspendium and Coin.

  • Suspendium: A more premium currency/resource which is of high value. Can be used to purchase items in the shop.
  • Coin: Consumable item and a form of currency that can be accumulated by various missions, achievements, and modes. Used for upgrades within the game.

There are some other in-game items that the players need to keep track of.

  • Summon Ticket: These tickets are used for summoning/pulling new teammates. Missions and achievements help in granting these.
  • SSR Soulstone: These offer a set rate of pulling an SSR Teammate, giving you a greater chance of getting a stronger choice. Missions help in granting these.
  • Link EXP: Experience points used to upgrade a Shinsu link. Auto loot offers a lot of these.
  • Daily Mission Points: These points are the ones you accumulate by clearing missions daily. More points yield more rewards.
  • Mission Pass Coin: These are the combination items you obtain by clearing Daily and Weekly points.

Teammates, Proficiency, and Elementals


Without teammates, there is no progression. With plenty of characters on offer, players get an option to form the team of their choice. To start with the basics, there are different grades of rarity at which they are ranked, with the least being R and the highest being SSR, which can be enhanced later on. As far as sorting is concerned, you can check the characters you own with the List option, and the Codex list every character available.

Tower of God: New World shinsu link
Image via Netmarble

Shinsu Links create bonds between Teammates and can be level-broken using soul stones. This process enhances the link’s rank, maximum growth level, and stats. There are a total of five links. To level up a slot, players need Coins and Link EXP. Additionally, reaching certain levels requires the use of Shinsu items. You start from E, which is the lowest level.

Proficiency of characters

The character’s Proficiency level is a key element that provides various buffs and rewards, enhancing their capabilities and offering valuable benefits. As characters progress through the game and gain experience, their Proficiency level increases. Players can access this from the character’s proficiency menu.

Apart from the growth, players can enhance the strength of their teammates by equipping them with various items classified as Equipment. These items come in two types: Normal Equipment and Exclusive Equipment, each providing unique benefits and customization options for the characters. You can equip four normal and one exclusive equipment for each character.


Elementals are something the players should consider while choosing the characters. There are both advantages and disadvantages during attacking. You have five Elements, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you outnumber the characters with the Elementals, you gain the upper hand.

Tower of God: New World elementals
Image via Netmarble

The advantage lies in the buff effect as well. You can see the buff effects applied to your squad as well as the enemy team. Your team leverage is indicated on the left of the battle screen while on the right you have the enemy team. The buff effect that you are having is highlighted, and more nodes are a great indication as well as the Element indication of Yellow and Purple.

Tower of God New World Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks to Remember

Here are some tips and tricks the players should remember while playing Tower of God: New World.

1. Make sure to read the story of every character you pull

Yes, understanding the backstory of every character is something that seems to be a bit farfetched task to ask, but we are suggesting players do so because Suspendium is something that you shouldn’t miss out on accumulating, especially if you are being offered 100 of those for reading or should I say viewing the story of every character.

2. Use Auto dispatch options for battles

Tower of God: New World auto dispatch
Image via Netmarble

Players can utilize the Auto dispatch feature during battles, which offers two distinct options: Focus on Combat Power and Focus on Element. While the former prioritizes your team’s overall strength, the latter gets a good pick based on the Elemental leverages. This is a great feature for beginners who are unsure of what picks/teammates they should choose for battles.

3. Understand teammate roles

Even though Auto dispatch can simplify the process of teammate selection, it is crucial for players to take note of the Elementals and the Codex of the teammates they possess. The amount of leverage these two have over the opponents is a must to progress through the stages where the auto lineup feature might be a hit or miss. So, while beginning the game, keep track of all the characters and their abilities so that it will help in forming a strong lineup.

4. Track achievements and missions for faster progression

In Tower of God: New World, tracking achievements and missions can significantly improve your progression pace through the game. The reason behind this is that there are a lot of scopes to claim plenty of rewards in this way, and hence players looking for a faster progression route can go to the missions menu to check the tasks to fulfill.

5. Claim rewards from the Loot menu

Tower of God: New World quick links
Image via Netmarble

Loot is an automatic resource-generating system that generates resources at a fixed rate. You can log in and claim them whenever you need. You get an opportunity to obtain quick loot, which is the equivalent of 120 min of auto loot. This will be sometimes available for free, so utilize the best of it and get the loot added to your bags.

Final Thoughts

Like any other idle RPG, Tower of God: New World is an immersive game surrounding plenty of characters, designed to provide players with a deep and engaging experience. The game has a straightforward progression system, ensuring that players can quickly grasp the fundamentals and embark on their epic journey through the Tower of God.

There might be instances where the in-depth offering might be troublesome to beginners, especially with a complex storyline. However, this won’t trouble the players in the long run and can be a good experience to try out other games. In case users encounter any difficulties along the way, make sure to refer back to this Tower of God: New World Beginners guide or ask questions in the comments section for assistance.

That’s all from us for the Tower of God: New World Beginners guide! Did you find our Tower of God: New World Beginners guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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