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Traha Global Companions Tier List for November 2022

Choose from only the best companions of this month!

Traha Global is one of the most fascinating and yet interesting MMORPG action titles that has recently knocked on the doors of players. The game becomes more interesting due to the fact that it offers so many different types of companions to the players while climbing through the storyline. Players get to witness three different sets of companions for them who help them to travel from one location to another in just no time and even help them to fight enemies. Fret not, we have summarized the companions from Traha Global according to their strengths in this Tier List.

Traha Global Companions Tier List for November 2022

These companions are very useful while moving toward the end of the story. Companions also have one of the important roles in this game and thus provide a huge advantage to the players as well. Thus, let us jump into the companions tier list and know about the two best companions from each class. The companions are classified into 5 Tiers; ie SS, S, A, B, and C.

Overpowered (SS)Forest Elemental LuminaLittle Chef Shushu,
Reliable Guide Treebo
Silver Ballerio,
Ghost Wolf Repin
Strong (S)Ironclad Shield Knight Veliant, 
Forest Mage Elkin
Master of the Moon Luana,
Gentle Mole Mawson,
Farm Sheriff Welly,
Joyfairy Aroa,
Wyrmling Draco,
Hula Cat Tiddy
Alabaster Navas,
Ebon Navas,
Razorfang Bordon,
Ironclad Bordon,
Battlefront Eldavar, 
Radiant Eldavar,
Swift Hesteel,
Steel Knight Hesteel,
Alabaster Repin,
Gilded Ur,
Archlight Luella,
Dark Muginn
Good (A)Cursed Doll Epigra,
Obsidian Ghost Funus
Happy Cat Cherokee,
Disguised Rabbit Parrot,
Honeyhunter Grizzle,
Cowardly Alpaca Cusco
Fair (B)Night Guardian Asio,
Greenfairy Lapis,
Big Farmer Korgi,
Little Acrobat Lulu
Weak (C)Romantic Cat Wrangler, 
Magic bunny Asir,
Polar bear Club Polar,
Veteran Mole Diggy
Traha Global Companions Tier List for November 2022

Best Meta Companions from each class for Traha Global in November 2022

Familiar Companions – Forest Elemental Lumina

Familiars are the companions whom the players can summon and use while fighting the main villains. The Familiars come up with some of the best sets of ATK and DEF powers along with unique sets of mystical powers. Familiars do not roam with the character all the time, they can be summoned only when required and after the fight is over, they get summoned back to their shells. 

familiar traha global Traha Global Companions Tier List
Image via Moai Games

The Forest Elemental Lumina is considered the best Familiar companion in the whole world of Traha. The Companion comes to fight with a maximum HP of around 2575 and a Healing Power of 941. The Forest Elemental Lumina has some of the best Familiar Skills; she can get up to a healing power of more 584.5% than usual. She reduces her damage dealing to 10% for 8 seconds in between the fights and also has a CD of 120 seconds.

Pet Companions – Little Chef Shushu and Reliable Guide Treebo

Pets are companions who always stick to their master and help them while fighting as well. Pets provide one of the finest support required during combat. The game has some of the unique and cutest breed of pets that fascinates the players to take them and roam around the open world of Traha. 

pet 1 shushu traha global
Image via Moai Games

Little Chef Shushu and Reliable Guide Treebo are the best set of Pets players can choose from in the game. Little Chef Shushu has the Massive Effect of his HP which goes up to 2575, almost as high as that of the Forest Elemental Lumina.

He is a really commentable craftsman and is best at cooking as well. The best trait of Little Chef Shushu is that it can increase its combat intelligence while fighting up to 133% more than its usual intelligence and thus it helps out in fighting back the enemies with more unique sets of plans and strategies.

pet treebo traha global Traha Global Companions Tier List
Image via Moai Games

Then, there is Reliable Guide Treebo which is much known for its ATK point which is the highest considered, i.e; 286. The Reliable Guide Treebo has the best skills in Archeology and Cooking, thus the points are as high as 230+. The best part of Reliable Guide Treebo is that it can increase its Variable ATK powers to 664% more than usual while involved in a combat situation and thus provides the best-required support.

Mount Companions – Silver Ballerio and Ghost Wolf Repin

Mounts help the players to move from one location to another as quickly as possible. These companions do not indulge themselves in fighting and thus have one of the best acceleration and running abilities. The best ones have high Crit Accuracy that helps the Mounts in quick locomotions.

Traha Global Mount Ballerio
Image via Moai Games

The best set of Mounts players can find in the world of Traha are Silver Ballerio and Ghost Wolf Repin. The Silver Ballerio has one of the best passive effects that includes 112 ATK power, 202 DEF traits, a Maximum HP of around 1012, and a Crit Accuracy of 225 which makes it one of the best Mounts in-game.

The best part of Silver Ballerio is that it can increase its movement speed by 275.4% when required and can also increase its rate of acceleration by 20% when required as well. Ghost Wolf Repin is a wild Mount that has the highest movement speed compared to all other Mounts. This wild creature also has the best set of Crit Accuracy that rates up to 261 points.

Traha Global Mount Wolf Repin Traha Global Companions Tier List
Image via Moai Games

The best feature of Ghost Wolf Repin is that it can increase its movement speed and acceleration by 306% and 20% respectively when in need. Additionally, Ghost Wolf Repin can hold its maximum speed and acceleration up to 275.4% and 20% respectively than the usual time it takes and holds up. 

Final Thoughts

Traha Global is one of the recently launched MMORPG games that have very unique sets of features that draw the attention of the players towards itself. The best feature is the Companions feature where the players can assign some companions to their main character in the play.

The companions are divided into three classes irrespective of their job. Follow up the tier list of the companions from the three classes present in the game to go for the best set of them while you are battling the strongest villain of the game. Thus, follow up the Tier list and make the best team of companions along with your main character to rock on over the world of Traha.

What do you think about this Traha Global Companions Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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