Undawn redemption codes and how to use them (June 2024)

Be sure to redeem these freebies once available!

Undawn has been officially released and thus players can now enjoy the amazing storyline of a Zombie Apocalypse and be a part of it. As a new game, the officials of Undawn are up to release some of the best free redeem codes that can be used by the players so that they can get some free rewards on their way to boost their journey from the beginning. Thus, let us look into the free Undawn redemption codes, how to get them, and how to redeem them as well. 

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Undawn redemption codes and rewards

There are very few redeem codes which are available for the players right now. Thus follow up on the table and know about the latest free redeem codes that are in use.

Free Redeem CodesActive ServerRewards you can Redeem
Undawn888UniversalIn-game currencies and resources
undawn0615UniversalA free premium outfit
UndawnLAUNCHUniversal2000 Silvers and 5x Silicone Carbide particles
UndawnBESTUniversal2000 Silvers and 5x Silicone Carbide particles
undawnpreregisterUniversalScarlet R700 finish
UndawnGIFTUniversal2000 Silver and 150 Bullet Casing
UndawnVIPUniversal1000 Wood, 500 Stones, and 50x Plant Fibres
UndawnEEUDCEurasia1000 Silver and 2x Material Supply Pack
UndawnEEUINSEurasia1000 Silver and 2x Material Supply Pack
UndawnEEUTEurasia1000 Silver and 2x Material Supply Pack
Undawninstagram001Eurasia, Europe1000 Silver and 2x Material Supply Pack
Undawninstagram002Eurasia, Europe3000 SIlver, 500 Tactical Gear, and 2x Ammo Crates
Undawninstagram003Eurasia, Europe2000 Silver and 2x Allow Reinforcement Coating

How to redeem codes in Undawn 

The best part of the game is that players do not have to visit the official website and thus can get their hands on the redemption center over the game itself. Thus go through the following steps and redeem the codes in the game. 

Undawn free redeem codes
Image via Tencent
  • First, players have to make a level 10 profile on themselves. 
  • After that, an option namely, Perks will open and players can witness it at the top right corner
  • There, players will get to see an option, Redemption Centre.
  • Tap on the section and type down the redeem code in the dialogue box. 
  • Confirm the redemption code and then receive the reward in the in-game mailbox.

How to get these free Undawn redemption codes

As a new game, Undawn had huge social media advertisements and marketing months before it was released. Players around the globe were eagerly waiting to get this piece in their hands. And now as the game has arrived, players must go through the social media accounts of Undawn over several other Social media platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and Facebook.

Undawn Closed Beta Country, Undawn
Image via Tencent

These are the main places where the chances of getting free to redeem codes for a particular game are quite high. Thus go through the social media handles and collect all those free redeem codes. 

How often are new Undawn codes released

On the verge of releasing the latest codes, you can find them during an ongoing special event. Mostly on the days of big events all over the world, Undawn might surprise you with some best sets of redemption codes. Thus, you need to be cautious during a new game event. or an occasion. Keep looking for the latest codes over their social media handles mentioned above. Also, for more details, be in touch with us. We will update the piece after we witness a new free code.

Expired codes that do not work anymore

For now, you won’t find any code that is not working. All the codes mentioned above are working properly. Every player will get a chance to redeem those rewards for once. If we witness any code getting expired, we will surely update that part in our piece. Till then, redeem those freebies and enjoy your journey!

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