Undawn Guide: Tips to Craft items in the game

The crafting guide you'd need!

Undawn is a survivalbased RPG title and thus players need to know in detail about crafting goods in a survival-based game. Crafting necessary items helps players in surviving through harsh situations and thus they can even craft one of the best sets of weapons that will eventually help players fight against their opponents as well. Thus, as an amateur, players must know about the itineraries that are required for crafting and also how to craft items in Undawn. 

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Items required to Craft in Undawn

For crafting a particular object such as Armor, Guns, and others, players require certain items that will thus help them to pile them up at a place and then craft the required item they are seeking. Now, every piece of equipment requires a different set of items.

Undawn Craft items
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Some of the most important of them are:

  • Tattered animal skin 
  • Cedar bark 
  • Iron ore 
  • Copper ore 
  • Metals 
  • Steel 
  • Wood 
  • Ash branch 
  • Circuit boards 
  • Flaxseeds 
Undawn Increase Storage
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These are the main and important components that are mostly required by the players for crafting a particular set of objects or equipment. But the main question that arises is how can players get their hands on these resources. Follow up on these easy points to get your storage filled up with them. 

  • Most of the components originated from nature itself. Thus players need to roam around the areas where there are more trees and stone. Players must cut trees and break those stones to collect items like cedar bark and iron ores. They will also eventually get wood, ash branches, and Copper ore as well.
  • For the tattered animal skin, players must hunt down animals like deer and bears to have a wholesome amount of tattered animal skin. 
  • Circuit boards are quite difficult to find but players can have them from mystery boxes that pop up in the map or can even craft them with the help of steel sheets and wires. 

How to Craft Items in Undawn 

As we know all about the raw materials which are considered one of the most important aspects of crafting, let us now know about crafting in the game. In Undawn, players can craft three itineraries: 

  • Guns 
  • Armour
  • Drone
Undawn Craft items
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Now, let us know the process of crafting. As of now we now know how to collect the required items. Thus, follow these easy steps to go through the procedure of crafting your desired item in the game. 

  • First, go to your Homestead and reach out to the Raw Materials Workbench. In the Raw Materials Workbench, refine all the advanced and unrefined raw materials that are to be used for crafting the items. 
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  • Then after refining all of them, go and sit on your Workbench. After tapping on the Workbench option players will witness three options; Craft Weapon, Craft Armour, and Craft Drone
Undawn Craft items
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  • Choose the one you are willing to craft and then tap on it. After that select the particular item you want to craft, and check for the raw materials whether they are all present or not.
Undawn Craft items
Image via Level Infinite
  • If all of the required raw materials are present, then craft the required item and thus use it in the game. 

Hence, by following these easy steps one can easily craft a weapon, armor, or a drone as per their desires and then use it for progression in the game. 


Undawn is a survival-based game and thus players must know all the basic rules and have the proper idea about crafting goods. This is so because crafting the right items will help players to survive in any sort of situation and will also help to fight back all those zombies present out there on the filthy island. Thus, search for the raw materials and craft the best set of weapons you can have to fight back and survive in this creepy land of zombies. 

Did you find our guide on how to craft items in Undawn helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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