How to increase Storage space in Undawn

Store resources for future use!

Undawn is a recently released great survival-based RPG title, that players can witness. As a survival-based game, storage is one of the key factors in the game for the characters as every player must store and save the necessary resources for future uses and the characters’ work. Thus, here is a detailed Undawn guide for players to know the best ways to increase storage in the game. 

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Tips to increase Storage in Undawn

As amateurs are seeking the best ways to increase the storage in the game. Thus here are the best ways players can witness the world of Undawn.

1. Collect Small Pine cabinets and upgrade them

Image via Level Infinite

Players want to bolt up their storage as soon as possible and thus now they will start with small Pine cabinets. These cabinets have a storage space of 14 units and then you can upgrade later and get a much bigger one which is the simple cabinet. Thus, if players can collect a wholesome amount of Small Pine Cabinets and upgrade them, that will eventually help them out at the beginning of the journey. 

2. Homestead is the hub of Storage 

Players must upgrade their Homestead to level three to get an immense amount of storage at the beginning of their journey itself. So players should go out to the front and start interacting with the Estate Management sign and thus then check their upgrades.

It will thus provide players with the proper information on how many resources are required to level up the respective Homestead. Thus players must complete more quests and upgrade their Homestead to level three and then they will eventually unlock the recipe for the simple cabinet which allows players to store 18 or 20 items. 

Undawn Increase Storage
Image via Level Infinite

Hence compared to Small Pine Cabinets, it’s much bigger in capacity than the smaller one does. Players can thus directly buy items from the marketplace and store them in these Cabinets and thus later use them directly from here to craft itineraries that are required for survival. 


Storage is one of the key factors in the game, and thus players must follow up on the piece and understand the process to increase their storage and store important resources and items. Undawn is thus considered to be a great survival game and hence jumps into the island to finish off all those creepy zombies to restore humanity just like before. 

Did you find our guide on how to increase Storage in Undawn helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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