Undawn Guide: Tips to stay survive and stay healthy in the game

Lead a healthy life in Undawn!

As a survival game, players must concern with every important aspect of surviving in an apocalyptic land like what we see in Undawn. Crafting, perfect roles to play, and surviving are thus considered as the main and important aspects that a player must know and master character to help it survive this massacre. Thus, the game provides a health monitoring device which might seem a bit twisted to amateurs but it is not as twisted as it seems. Thus, let us look out for the system to monitor characters’ health and discuss some important points that must be there in the player’s minds while they are playing Undawn. 

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Survival and Health Monitoring watch in Undawn 

After we go through the early stages of tutorials in the game, players get a personal house and thus when they enter that house, at first they are introduced with a watch by the commanders. This is signified as a Health Monitoring watch in the game.

Undawn Monitor Health
Image via Level Infinite

Thus, its work is to monitor the physical as well as the mental state of the character and give an appropriate signal to let the players know whether the character is lacking behind. It provides information for four types of major aspects, these are:

1. Body 

The player’s body type and fitness degree play a considerable role in Undawn. The player’s frame kind, ranging from underweight to obese, is motivated by their diet, while their health level is decided by way of their physical pastime.

Undawn Monitor Health
Image via Level Infinite

It’s essential to strive for stability and maintain a mean body type even staying fit and limber. Ordinary exercise and a balanced diet will make contributions to the player’s basic proper-being.

2. Mentality 

Surviving in a harsh and threatening environment can take a toll on each player’s sanity. Thus the man or woman’s mental kingdom is represented within the mentality tab. Elements that include adventuring at night time or consuming excessive quantities of alcohol can grow strain ranges, leading to poor consequences.

Keep your individual’s intellectual well-being by getting good enough sleep at night time and warding off extended annoying situations. Moderation in alcohol consumption is likewise counseled to prevent negative results.

3. Hygiene 

Even while traversing the wasteland, cleanliness will become more than just an aesthetic desire. Retaining proper hygiene has the handiest impact on the player’s private well-being but also affects how others understand them.

Undawn Monitor Health
Image via Level Infinite

The dirtier your player is, the more likely they will attract zombies, and NPCs can also hesitate to engage with a disheveled adventurer. Live clean by often bathing in appropriate facilities and washing your garments using washers or comparable items.

4. Metabolism 

The metabolism class encompasses important components: bladder and fluid consumption. While it can seem inconvenient, taking bathroom breaks and staying properly hydrated is crucial to your player’s health.

Often relieve your player at lavatories or restrooms and make sure you drink sufficient water to keep away from dehydration. Rivers can function as a water source to top off the player’s canteen, allowing them to stay hydrated for the duration of their adventure.

Undawn Monitor Health
Image via Level Infinite

Thus, players can track all of this by reference to color. If the icons of the following are green, it signifies that all of the factors are in a healthy state. If they are yellow then it signifies them to be at a moderate state and if red then it indicates that the character is quiet in a filthier manner. Many more activities can be performed with the help of this watch, these are:

  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Pee
  • Poop
  • Add water
  • Wash face
  • Wash clothes

Tips to Survive with a Healthy lifestyle in Undawn

1. Stay hygienic

Players must keep their characters hygienic all the time. As this provides the best set of metabolism and helps in maintaining their bodies properly. Extracting at the required time, taking a hot bath, and washing the clothes will do the job and thus players must follow this after every particular interval of time. 

2. Have lots of food and exercise well 

The characters must cook delicious foods and have them after a particular interval of time. This will help them maintain a good diet and be in a healthy state. They must also exercise after the character wakes up from a deep sleep, this will thus increase metabolism and help the character maintain a lean body. 

3. Get an ample amount of rest after any mission

Completion of missions costs a lot of energy and physical involvement. Thus, after completing the combat missions, players must follow up a good sleeping time that will thus help them regain their strength and fight back those filthy zombies again. 


Maintaining the health of the character is one of the most important aspects and thus every player must focus on this. Go through the detailed working of the Survival monitoring watch and also know the best tips and ways to survive with a healthy lifestyle while you monitor the characters’ health in the world of Undawn. 

Did you find our guide on how to Monitor Characters Health in Undawn helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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