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Fortnite Mobile: List of 20 best Gun Game Codes in the game

Choose from the best gun game codes to spice up your game!

Fortnite‘s Creative mode was first introduced by Epic Games back in 2018. This includes a variety of modes, one such mode being the Gun game, popularized through the Call of Duty franchise. This mode drops the loopers in a location with a random weapon and this weapon changes which each kill, that the player secures. The gun game includes a variety of maps in multiple genres, including hide and seek, Deathrun, and even Horror. To let players enjoy all the different modes, we are presenting the top 20 Gun Game Codes in Fortnite Mobile.

The rules are simple and siphoning is usually allowed in this mode. Therefore, players will receive health back with every kill. The community has created a wide variety of maps thus far, and gamers have no shortage of possibilities.

Best Gun Game Codes in Fortnite Mobile

1. The Underworld

Island code: 5719-7469-6732

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

This custom map takes the players to a fiery dungeon in the Underground. In the depths of hell, the only way out is by eliminating the opponents. The first player to reach 30 elimination will be set free and will claim the victory. The map is very small, so at times can be very chaotic. The gun granted to the player will change, after every elimination he claims. This mode is better for versatile players, who can handle all kinds of guns, ranging from a shotgun to a sniper.

2. Shipment

Island code: 4804-9489-3873

Image via Epic Games

A lot of Fortnite maps are inspired by Classic Call of Duty. The weapon choice in this map is based on an assault-style gun. This map can bring nostalgia to players, as it is almost like the older one. It retains the original fast-paced design. It’s all about speed, either get 100 kills or get killed 100 times.

3. Gun Game: Mars

Island code: 3246-2759-9251

Image via Epic Games

Playing the gun game in outer space is undoubtedly fun, in this map players can adjust gravity and enjoy all sorts of guns that change simultaneously. It features a rocky red surface and minor buildings that completely resembles a space-faring civilization. The red rocks and the buildings act as armor as the players attack. It even contains several customization options. Players can choose which suits them best, which makes them one of the top gun game codes in Fortnite Mobile.

4. Blizzard Gun Game

Island code: 3180-1388-3421

Image via Epic Games

This map makes it hard to locate enemies, the map is almost hazy because of the icy fort. While the player’s weapons get changed, they get occasionally hit by a blizzard. This map enhances the experience as players will need to maintain their health.

5. First Person Gun Game, Fortnite

Code: 6821-7528-4726

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite enables players a third-person perspective. However, in this map, the game lets the players experience the gun game through the eyes of a first-person shooter. The one who gets 25 kills first wins.

6. Trick or Treatin’! Gun Game

Code : 2554-0350-2054

Image via Epic Games

If players should love Halloween, this is the best mode for them. It is like a real-life Halloween simulation, with all spider webs and pumpkins spread across the map. The first person to get 20 eliminations amidst the spookiness to win.

7. Zoo Gun Game

Code: 8169-7821-3985

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

This map is a thrilling theme for any fan of gun games. Players are placed in a Zoo. They need to battle their way up the ranks, as various animal classes. Each animal class has different benefits. Players need to learn special abilities to progress. This map is fun for even those who find the gun game monotonous now, making it one of the top gun game codes in Fortnite Mobile.

8. Among Us Gun Game

Code: 1665-4835-6529

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

Among Us is one of the most popular games in recent times. It owns its own LTM in Fortnite. If players like solving mysteries, this might be the ideal mode for you. The action takes place on The Skeld, the original terrain from Among Us, which has Vents that transport you between chambers.

9. Bikini Bottom Map

Code: 3300-7669-9591

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

This map is themed specifically for Spongebob fans, though other players can equally enjoy it for its unique mechanics. After every thirty seconds, a new enchantment is added to the map that introduces random mechanics like low gravity, sliding, damage buffs, and more. Hence, the Bikini Bottom map is a must-try for those, who want to try something new other than conventional Gun Game mode.

10. Odyssey III map

Code: 4570-7675-6600

Image via Epic Games

Odyssey III is a Fortnite Creative map geared at players who enjoy constructing strategies. There are a lot of floors, that the players can reach via elevators. There is a constantly changing item in the middle of the map. Usually, items give thrilling bonuses to players’ health and mobility. The Odyssey III’s theme depicts a future warehouse manufacturing high-tech products.

11. Rift Jumpers

Code: 7101-2798-6542

The gun game mode is always developing, as it gives a variety of choices. The rift jumper mode enables players to travel between land and sea with the Rift-2-Go equipment. This includes some underwater places and a farm-like grounded level.

Image via Epic Games

Every sixty seconds or so, a random event will occur which will add a distinctive element to the game. It may include the range from the ultra-slow to maximum speed, damage increase, and more.

12. Summer Time Gun Game

Code: 5497-9533-0527

Image via Epic Games

This mode will give players with summertime experience and who doesn’t like the seaside? Players need to eliminate 25 players to win. Players will find everything on this map from a Ferris wheel to a promenade with fairground games at one location.

13. Time Twist

Code: 5918-7034-6151

Image via Epic Games

In this mode, players may shift between worlds throughout a fight, letting them either flee or surprise the opponents, depending on the situation. Much similar to in Chapter 2 Season 8, players may use Rift-To-Go to witch between standard and enhanced physics.

14. Gamerz’s Aquarium

Island code: 8231-7685-1483

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

This mode gives the players the ability to navigate tight corners and hide within displays. Nowhere is safe in here, players need to keep an open eye in order to protect themselves. This mode can bring an adrenaline rush to them.

15. Yacht

Island code: 8898-3477-5316

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

The name itself explains the entire map, the game takes place on a Yacht in the middle of the ocean. It doesn’t give much space for players to hide. It has a small form factor and can host up to 16 players, so often, it is very chaotic. Players have to kill 30 enemies and simultaneously, the gun changes. This is a fast-paced option.

16. Holiday Factory

Island code: 8527-5786-9790

Image via Epic Games

This is a Christmas-themed map and players traverse between buildings including a factory and the outside terrain. Unlike most maps, this map gives players a lot of space to hide. The icy terrain adds another element to the combat, enhancing the uniqueness of this map, and making it one of the top gun game codes in Fortnite. This map is all about snow and Christmas.

17. Fantasy Princess

Island code: 2933-9593-6272

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

There’s a marvelous castle that looks like it’s straight out of a Disney movie. It has everything that an ideal castle would have, a courtyard, spires, and fireworks exploding in the background. The aim here is to get 30 eliminations. The players need to make sure that they don’t get distracted in the final takedown.

18. Tilted Towers

Island code: 5629-2012-5925

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

This is a classic location from Fortnite. For the new players, this map is the best chance to experience it. This map can accommodate as many players as needed. The players need to eliminate 20 here and the guns provided here are vintage just like the map.

19. Nuketown map

Island Code- 6722-4469-6989

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

Like Shipment, the Nuketown map is another Call of Duty map. This is equally enjoyed by players, as it has similar elements to that in Call of Duty. Elements like opposing houses and vehicles are exact replicas of that in COD. This is fast-paced action, making it one of the top gun game codes in Fortnite.

20. Gun Game Quest

Island code: 8402-5347-6470

Fortnite Mobile top gun game codes
Image via Epic Games

This mode works a bit differently than other Gun Game modes. Instead of leveling through different weapons, each player’s elimination will give a higher rarity in whatever gun they got the kills with. The classic gun game formula ensures that players can stick to the weapon of their preference.

What is your opinion on the top gun game codes in Fortnite Mobile? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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