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Free Fire: List of 15 best Emotes that you can try in the game

Check out our picks of Top 15 Emotes in Free Fire!

Free Fire offers a lot of customizations for players to play the game as they want to. In addition to this, the title also offers a lot of unique and exclusive items that become rare after a certain period. While skins and costumes mostly get all the attention, emotes are a pretty cool option too. Emotes are little actions that the player can do in-game to communicate with other players. Here is a list of the top best 15 Emotes in Free Fire.

Using an emote, the player triggers an animation that the character performs. Players use emotes to show dominance over other players in the game. They are purely cosmetic items. Free Fire has a wide collection of emotes for the player to use.

Best Emotes in Free Fire

1. Lol emote

Free Fire lol Emote
Image via Garena

Your in-game character will laugh when you use this emote. This emote is widely used to show dominance over other players during battle.

2. Applause emote

Applause Emote
Image via Garena

Your in-game character will clap when you use this emote. This emote is applied when your Ally does something good or extra in the game.

3. Flowers of love Emote 

Free Fire love Emote
Image via Garena

The character will act like he is proposing to someone with a rose. This emote is mostly used to flirt with a female gaming character in the game or when you knock someone down after long combat.

4. Pirate’s Flag emote

Pirate's flag emote
Image via Garena

It was featured in the game in 2019 during the Pirate Top Up event. While using this emote the in-game character takes out the flag and bangs it on the ground when it’s fully equipped. It is one of the legendary emotes of the Free Fire.

5. Push-up Emote 

Free fire push up
Image via Garena

While you use this emote character do a single Push-up. This emote is shown to display the power of your techniques during close combat.

6. Doggie emote

Doggie Emote
Image via Garena

The in-game character recreates the Brazilian dancing dog meme by showing some moves along with the Shiba pet.

7. Mythos Four emote

Mythos Emote
Image via Garena

The in-game character uses a sword to cut through a stone, leading to four mythical patterns appearing in the air.

8. FFWC Throne emote

FFWC Throne emote
Image via Garena

The in-game character sits on a throne to assert dominance or victory. Specially used during winning any match and in rooms.

9. Tea Time emote

Tea time emote
Image via Garena

The in-game character acts like he is sitting on a holographic table and chair and sips the tea.

10. Hadouken emote

Hadouken emote
Image via Garena

The Hadouken emote was launched in the game during the Free Fire x Street Fighter collaboration event along with many other rewards. It was made available to players via an event called Free Fighter’s Wish.

11. Eat my Dust emote

Eat my dust emote
Image via Garena

This is one of the most interesting emotes of Free Fire. When launched the in-game character dances on the roof of a golden sports car. It was launched in 2020 at the Graffiti Top Up event

12. Obliteration emote

obliteration emote
Image via Garena

This Emote was featured during the latest collaboration with the Japanese superhero franchise – One Punch Man. During this emote your in-game character develops his fist similar to One Punch Man.

13. Sii CR7 emote

Sii cr7 emote
Image via Garena

Sii emote is quite famous among fans because of its CR7 connection as it depicts the trademark celebration of the global sports icon. Sii is an appropriate option to celebrate a kill or victory in a match.

14. Make it Rain emote

make it rain
Image via Garena

In September 2020, Free Fire had its first collaboration with Money Heist. The partnership brought multiple collaborative events featuring special edition collectibles like item skins and other accessories and the make it rain emote was launched.

15. I’m Rich emote

free fire im rich
Image via Garena

I’m Rich is also a Money Heist special edition emote that was also available in the Free Fire store. I’m Rich emote, the same as Make it Rain, was also inspired by a famous scene in Money Heist.

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