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Gamers can have a multitude of options when they want to play games on the go. Gaming on smartphones has become already popular, but the introduction of gaming phones has become a blessing for mobile gamers. After analyzing the massive growth, big game studios have come up with handheld consoles, for instance, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. Players can choose whichever option is best suitable for them as they both offer many benefits. The biggest advantages of the handheld consoles are the larger selection of top games as well as the better functions than gaming devices. Nonetheless, many game developers are making mobile games for common as well as smartphones, so many of the big games may arrive in the future. Besides, a Smartphone logically offers several advantages for the user. Most gamers have a smartphone anyway, this option allows them to save the additional weight of the console in their backpack. Even if the consoles are very compact, handheld consoles are not pocket-friendly. Here, we are going to show you the comparison between handheld consoles and smartphones on the grounds of gaming.

Why should You choose Handheld Consoles?

Since several of the big tech giants offer mobile consoles, many hardcore gamers are making the switch to these new handy gaming gadgets. The mobile consoles offer a very larger ranger of top games along with high-end hardware packed in the device. As of now, Sony and Nintendo are the top companies that have their own handheld consoles.

Gaming on Handheld Consoles and Smartphones

Along with all these, the gameplay experience is also enhanced on the mobile consoles as they come with joysticks and buttons button designed by keeping the purpose of the gamers. While gaming on mobile phones requires additional gadgets or a few adjustments to the screen. However, Asus and Razer offer some high-end gaming phones that come with special accessories so that the players can have expanded control over games.

Best options in Handheld consoles

There are a variety of options when it comes to handheld consoles as well. As we already mentioned that Nintendo and Sony have mobile consoles in the market i.e. PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch. Both are great consoles and the manufacturers obviously have a lot of experience in the industry, so a good gaming experience is practically guaranteed. While the PS Vita is purely a handheld device, the Switch can of course be viewed as a full-fledged console. It can be connected to the TV and this way this can offer an experience not less than PlayStation consoles or Xbox devices. Thus, if you wish to play on the TV at home more often, the Nintendo Switch is clearly the better choice.

If, on the other hand, you already have a large console and only want a second one for on the go, the PS Vita could be quite interesting. It’s a good deal smaller and also lighter than the Switch and perhaps offers a better range of games. Those who prefer shooters and action games will probably find more choices on this mobile console from Sony.

Why should You choose Smartphones?

A good smartphone can not only run all mobile games from Google Play or App Store, but also all kinds of apps. As we said, gaming phones are created by keeping all the needs of the players, they offer enhanced gameplay as well. Mobile consoles are offered by gaming companies so they limit the access of the other top tier games from big studios. However, gaming phones let the players access all the games available for smartphones without creating any barrier or restriction.

Along with games developed by the gaming studios, gaming phones allow the players to play gambling games as well. Many online casinos offer the best slot machine games, roulette, slots, and many other games to be played with real money. Additionally, a smartphone is practically part of the basic equipment of most people these days. For gamers, a good gaming phone would mean that they don’t have to drag around.

Best options in Smartphones

There are two kinds of options when choosing phones for phones. There are manufactures like Razer and Asus that offer phones specially designed for gaming while high-end smartphones from Apple, OnePlus, Huawei, and Samsung also come with specifications that offer a good gaming experience.

The designed gaming mobile phones offer the advantage that accessories can be attached to them and it can boost the gameplay. Asus has several high-end gaming phones that can be used with smart accessories. Razer also offers smartphones specially created for the gaming purpose. Other smartphone makers such as Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus offer high-end devices like iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Huawei P40 Pro respectively. These phones may not offer a gaming experience compared to Asus’s and Razer, but they can be the best choice for daily use. The hardware in all of these phones is so strong that they should still be able to play the latest games in a few years.

The Displays of these phones are no inferior to the gaming phones whether it comes to quality or size. Whether to choose a specially designed gaming phone or flagship smartphones, totally depends on the choice of the gamers.


It is quite difficult to choose between gaming smartphones and handheld consoles. With high-end specifications and accessories support, gaming on phones renders a better gaming experience. Handheld consoles have many options for top games but they are limited to the service providers. These days when most game developers are developing mobile games, it is better to choose a smartphone than handheld consoles.

What do you prefer between Handheld Consoles and Smartphones or gaming purposes? What is your usual go-to device for gaming on the go? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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