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Top 10 best Marvel Future Revolution Facts you might not know of

Know all the unknown facts about your favorite Marvel Future Revolution!

Marvel Future Revolution is an action RPG game developed by Netmarble. Since it is a new game, it has a lot of interesting facts which players might not know. In this article, we are going to share the 10 top best interesting facts about Marvel Future Revolution.

Top 10 best Marvel Future Revolution facts

1. The misconception about Donna Ports

Donna Ports is a character who comes under the rare companion and belongs to the Nova Force. Under her character info section, it says “Increases the summoner’s skill type damage while active.” Some people have been perceiving it as any damage she will cause, but the reality is she does not work on everything.

Donna Ports
Image via Netmarble

The word type in her character info section means it increases only type damage like burn damage, bleed damage, and many more while using her skill. For example, the Focal Energy Shot says it deals 1,783% damage and pushes back the enemy whereas under the Spin Blade it says she deals 1,652% Bleed damage to up to 3 enemies.

2. Grab extra attempts from the Raids

You can find the Raid section under the Operations. The Raids go in order. The order follows like one, two, three, four, five (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday is the first two and Sunday is the last three). For example, it’s Tuesday and you are able to do a Loki raid. With the help of raid tickets or crystals, you can buy two extra attempts today.

Image via Netmarble

If you have one raid ticket you will not buy two extra attempts so you can put your ticket in the storage which will be registered as zero tickets and then you can use crystals to buy two. Now with those two extra attempts, you can defeat an enemy let’s say Kingpin, and grab the rewards available.

Image via Netmrble

But if you wait till tomorrow, you also get your hands on the raid rewards along with the available rewards for defeating Kingpin. Now if you do the Loki raid which is available for today and then defeats it and buys the two raid attempts with crystals and waits till tomorrow you will possess three attempts. If you repeat the same procedure not buying extra attempts completing the raid and then using tickets or crystals to buy two more extra attempts you will have 5 extra attempts to defeat Kingpin.

3. Ranking System in the Omega War

Under the Arena, there is an Omega War Section in which you come across the ranking systems. In this weekly ranking system, you get two ranks per day for the rewards so people have this misconception that they can only do the two per day or they are the only ones that matter in their rankings which is not true. The first two are for the pay-outs, currency, squad XP, and similar things like that. But actually, you can do every single war the whole day.

Image via Netmarble

Though it does not add all the numbers together it considers your best score of the day and puts it towards your weekly ranking. This same exact thing happens with Special Operations. You get your reward count of 1/1 but you can do this literally all day until you get your best possible score which will be counted in your weekly numbers.

4. Grab 100 crystals twice a day from the Dark Zone

Under the Arena, you can explore a Dark Zone section in which there is a reward list where you can win crystals. So, when you fight a Prime in Dark Zone you can get 100 crystals if you are first in damage. Now if you fail to acquire the first position in giving damage because someone has more damage, you can either leave Dark Zone before it’s dead or you can swap the channel to another channel.

Image via Netmarble

This will wipe you from the list or if someone wants to help you, they can channel swap or leave letting you win the first place to get your crystal pay-out. You can do this as a group and get everybody the 100 crystals twice a day leading you to 1400 crystals a week. You can also do the same thing with Primes in the Overworld so you get better boxes.

5. Check out Villain logs in the Dark domain

Dark domain villain log
Image via Netmarble

If you go to Records then Activity Log and the Dark Domain you can find a Villain Log section in which you can differentiate villains since there are 3 types (Villains, Elite Villains, and Super-Villains). In training grounds, you can have the Villain damage and go after anything you want in training grounds because it’s all villains. Anything with five health bars is considered a Supervillain.

6. The Companion Slots

If you go to Squad and then Companion section you come across a lot of slots. So, a lot of people think it does not matter what’s in their second, third, and fourth slots of companion, but actually, it does. So, if you take a look at Athena she has Defence Pierce, Critical Damage, and Range Damage Decrease just for her having the stars. The collection stat bonus is just for starting them up and the bonus effect is applied only if they are on your bench.

Companion slots
Image via Netmarble

If you do not possess a good number of stars for them you can manipulate their stats to make them better for whatever you are trying to do. Some of them have an equal number of stars but their stats differ from each other. When Eternals were introduced some of them had higher HPs than the others and vice versa.

7. Enhancers

Image via Netmarble

Normally people when they go to Omega Wars and things like that people use High-Grade HP Enhancer which increases HP by 15% with the duration of 5 minutes and a 1-minute cooldown. But if you go shopping and then bundle you can find High-Grade Critical Damage Enhancer which appears purple in color. It increases Critical Damage by 20% which enables you to achieve 280 critical damage since it provides you 20% extra.

8. Convergence box

It is recommended to open a Convergence box only when you see something in it you want to possess. It is better to wait until and unless two or three things appear in the box on which you want your hands. If the 5 items which are there in the box are not what you are looking for you can wait for 16hrs to get the box refreshed.

Convergence box
Image via Netmarble

If the box contains only one item which you are looking for but you are willing to open the box since you do not want to take any risk you can lock it using 50 crystals. But it is not recommended unless and until it’s worth the 50.

9. Heroes Ultimates

Heroes ultimates
Image via Netmarble

The Ultimates of different heroes charge differently. Iron Man does it during combat. Black Widow does it over time regardless of combat or not. Dr. Strange gets more ultimate gauge as he kills units which means he is really a great farmer because as he kills targets, he gets more ultimate and his ultimate kills a bunch of targets which is an effective cycle of acquiring and using Ultimates.

10. Preset changes

Normally when you change your preset on the main screen it’s a, b, and c and not one, two, and three. If you remember it used to be one, two, and three and you could only change your skills. When you go to Special Operations it still works the old way since the only things that work in Special Operations is your skills.

Preset change
Image via Netmarble

Your gear, sets, the squad are not given importance. It sets you as if you were level 100 with rank 15 skills. So, some people would be stronger than they are and some people will be weaker. Nowadays the level reaches 120 so bringing one down to 100 makes it a bit weird.

That’s all for today’s Top 10 Best Marvel Future Revolution Facts. How many of these Top best Marvel Future Revolution Facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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