Top 10 popular mobile gaming genres to watch in 2022

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Mobile gaming is a large business with millions of players. We’ve long since moved beyond
the days of playing Snake 2 on your Nokia 3310. Thousands of online games are being developed every day, allowing you to play almost any kind of game on your mobile device. The following are the most popular mobile gaming genres of 2022.

1. Arcade

Angry birds reloaded apple arcade, apple arcade new games mobile gaming genres 2022
Image via Apple Arcade

It’s a collection of arcade games that aren’t too serious about themselves. If the player fails, they will see a game over screen and will be given the opportunity to try again. Bonuses, power-ups, and extra lives are often included in arcade games to give the player an edge.

2. Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile 1.7 update patch notes
Image via KRAFTON

This genre consists of a fast-paced multiplayer action battle royale between two teams in an online environment. The objective is to demolish the main building of the other team before they can demolish yours. Or, at the very least, to have more points than they have when the clock strikes twelve.

3. MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG)

world of warcraft mmorpg mobile gaming genres 2022
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This genre revolves around the exploration of a big online world while fulfilling tasks and battling off opponents. It is possible to play mobile MMORPGs while on the move, and there is an unlimited supply of tasks to do. These are less frequent on mobile devices, although they are still available.

4. Puzzle

candy crush
Image via King

These games test the player’s ability to think critically. Logic puzzles, tile-matching games, and Sudoku puzzles are all examples of this genre. In addition, puzzle games may expand out into role-playing or adventure titles, such as The Room, which is an example of this.

5. Casino

mobile casino games mobile gaming genres 2022

Simply said, this is a genre that incorporates gambling. It is currently more popular to play at mobile casinos than it is to play at brick-and-mortar casinos, which provides an indication of the popularity of mobile gaming. The popularity of online blackjack and poker games has attracted players from all around the globe.

6. Racing

F1 Mobile Racing tips
Image via EA

The most popular racing games on the mobile platform are far from realistic in their depiction of real-world situations. Instead, they usually include cartoon automobiles driving about in a brightly colored setting. The player’s objective is to gather money while avoiding other vehicles on the road. They may also employ power-ups to increase their speed or slow down foes in their immediate vicinity.

7. Role-playing Games (RPG)

Diablo Immortal release delayed mobile gaming genres 2022
Image via Blizzard

The RPG genre entails the player designing a character and progressing him or her via many stages. Players must accomplish objectives, level up their characters, and upgrade their equipment all while battling enemies in order to progress.

8. Simulation

The Sims Mobile
Image via EA

Real-life experiences are recreated in a virtual simulation-based environment, which is what the simulation genre is all about. Most of the time, you will be placed in the role of a pilot, doctor, or mayor in one of these games. In order to be successful, you are often required to do activities that are comparable to those encountered in everyday life.

9. Sports

Best Football Games 2021 mobile gaming genres 2022
Image via EA

A major focus of this genre is the recreation of sporting situations in a virtual world. Sports games on mobile are generally soccer, football, and baseball titles in which you may compete against other people or the computer, with the latter being the most popular.

10. Digital Card Games

Magic: The Gathering Arena free codes
Image via Wizards of the Coast

This genre includes the collection of virtual cards and the use of those cards to beat an adversary. Packs of cards are generally purchased with actual money by the gamer. They must then assemble a powerful deck of cards from the various packs in order to compete against other players online. Digital trading card games, such as Magic the Gathering and Pokémon, are analogous to real trading card games.

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