What is the best route to becoming a mobile game developer

Did you consider your career in the industry?

As one of the fastest-growing and most intriguing industries on the planet, the area of mobile gaming has become an area that has attracted the interest of many new developers. What are the key steps one should take to becoming a successful mobile game developer these days?

Becoming a mobile game developer

1. Learning the basics

A good grounding in game development means learning about areas like graphics design, computer science, or software design. There are many different elements that make up the creation of a new game and the more of them that you are skilled in the better. There are numerous online courses where you can learn the skills that you need and hone them.

It is generally recommended that you learn at least a couple of programming languages, such as Java and Python while learning a development methodology as Scrum will also stand you in good stead. Being a fan of video games is definitely a positive point here, as this will expose you to new trends and styles as you play. It is a fast-moving industry, and you should make time to explore the latest ideas as well as work on your own projects.

2. The importance of a good Portfolio

Given the competitive nature of this industry, newcomers need to build up a solid portfolio that they can show to prospective employers. A good idea is to complete a few short games that show off your skills and can be completed quite quickly by anyone looking to get an idea of your skill level and creativity. The portfolio should include elements like source code, screenshots, and links for accessing the games.

Fear Of Missing Out,  becoming a mobile game developer

Adding a variety of games of different types makes sense unless you plan to specialize in just one particular genre that you feel particularly confident about your chances in. A portfolio needs to look and be professional, but most of all it needs to reach as many people as possible. Showing your skills and experience here could be what makes the difference and helps you to get a job in the industry.

3. Look out for more ways to gain experience

Even after completing a previous couple of points, you might feel that you lack the necessary experience to take on a mobile game development role. A smart move here could be to look at areas other than a high-profile video game company. This means you could get started in software development in an area where demand is growing, and new talent is needed.

A good example is the online gambling industry, which is currently thriving. According to Sue Dawson from Best New Bingo Sites, iGaming is an often overlooked area where developers can make a career. The industry is booming and there’s an almost insatiable appetite for new slot games. It is worth looking at their site, to see the games providers and developers listed there. Naturally, some skills are universal, so the value gained by building your skillset may benefit you later in your career.

Becoming a mobile game developer is a valid career choice for more people than ever before. However, it is important to go about it in the right way and make the right decisions along the way.

So what is the best route to becoming a mobile game developer? Do you have future plans to become a mobile game developer? Let us know your preference in the comments!

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