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Adelamyth: Dark fantasy mysterious idle RPG is now available as early access on Google Play beta track

An idle battle mode awaits with mysterious aesthetics!

Loongcheer Game has announced that its dark fantasy mysterious idle RPG Adelamyth is now available on the Google Play beta track as an early access game. The game has a unique aesthetic art feature and a hidden profound story. Moreover, the game will be released first in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam. Later on, it will be published globally but excluding Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia.

Gameplay Overview

The evil force invaded the world. Many heroes lost their lives in the battle to guard their homeland. Merlin, as one of these heroes, in order to unite the heroes to protect their homeland, promised that as long as everyone is willing to fight, he will find a way to resurrect everyone.

Adelamyth beta early access

However, there is a great disparity between the enemy and heroes. Finally, they lost. Luckily, the souls of heroes have been strengthened by the Soul Tree with an agreement before the war. Their souls are immortal after death and able to resurrect with their memories. They are waiting for a warrior to awaken them and help them save their homeland.

Adelamyth will give players a Unique art feature and atmosphere to explore

Adelamyth is an idle RPG game with dark fantasy mysterious aesthetics. The art of the game also featured stripe-like comic style and the Cthulhu elements. The portrait of the heroes in the game is delicate and cartoonish with the whole UI of the game also delivering the atmosphere of dark fantasy.

Adelamyth beta early access

As an idle RPG, Adelamyth has many heroes and an idle battle mode. The heroes in the game are grouped into five elements, which constraint each other. Every time players will enter a new battle, they can reset the line-up and formation to defeat the enemies. When you complete a battle, your heroes will auto-hunt and get resources. The hang-up and online benefits are also very rich.

Also, the game will have a mature hero cultivation system, besides the common upgrade, awaken, and star-up system, the game has a recycling system with the name reborn in-game. This will allow you to get reborn as a hero and get back resources. You can enhance the soul tree and element power to increase the hero power. The most innovative cultivation system in the game, is the soul resonate system, which will allow you to share hero level among 5 heroes.

Enjoy a super rich PVE & PVP gameplays in Adelamyth beta early access

Overall the game keeps a good balance between PVE and PVP. For PVE, the game has many innovative PVE systems compared to other idle RPG. The maze exploration is a maze discovery in a 5×7 column in which you will meet events like direct resources claiming and battles. Many other innovative PVE dungeons are waiting for you. For PVP, the game adopts the advantages of many mature PVP systems in RPG games and that has made a better version with server battlefield and tournament. 

There are more features in the game to be introduced such as the guild battle, rich in-game events, and more. Players can download Adelamyth as early access on the Google Play beta track and enjoy the exquisite gameplay and features.

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