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AFK Arena 1.31 Update Patch Notes

Lilith is releasing the new AFK Arena 1.31 Update soon and here we are with the patch notes for it. Do not forget to collect your free diamonds because of the maintenance once it happens!

A new Mauler Hero joins the flock

It’s Skriath, The Wise One. He’s part of the Intelligent Mauler Faction and can be fully ascended. His primary role, according to the Test Realms, is Mage, Dura’s Sorcery. His secondary role is his ability to output AoE attacks.

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A Hero Skin System

This new feature will add more Hero Skins, making them stronger and slightly changing the meta. The current event “Assembly of Heroes” is preparing us for it. Collect 150 epic heroes and you can unlock the new Brutus Skin, Blazefury.

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The Elder Tree Feature is being introduced

elder tree feature for afk arena

Within the Library the new Elder Tree feature will be added. Players that have completed campaign 8-40 have it unlocked. Levelling up the Elder Tree will increase your heroes’ stats and attributes.

Once you reached a certain level with the Elder Tree and completed campaign 12-40, you’ll unlock the “Dura’s Virtues” feature. Each branch corresponds to a particular type of hero class.

New Guild Feature, the Twisted Realm

On the Guild Grounds a new feature will be added, the Twisted Realms, after completing campaign stage 12-40. You and your guildmates will battle powerfull bosses within the Twisted Realms and be rewarded with prices.

New Voyage of Wonders Adventure

The next adventure awaits to fly to: The Frozen Pass.

Additional Changes in AFK Arena 1.31 Update

  • Added a new class tag to Celestial tier heroes which can be viewed on the ‘Heroes’ page. Classes include: Tank, Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Support.
  • After receiving player feedback we’ve decided to adjust the Assembly of Heroes so that players can immediately claim each stage’s rewards as soon as the reward requirements have been met.
  • Renamed Mythic+ equipment as Mythic T1 and adjusted the corresponding tier icons for Mythic T1 items.
  • Added the option to view each hero’s Signature Item via the ‘Portraits’ page.
  • Added a new icon that denotes when a player’s bag slot is at its max limit.
  • Removed the relics ‘Hogan’s Fortitude’, ‘Lament’, ‘Lion’s Might’ and ‘Bloody Shawl’ from the Arcane Labyrinth.
  • Fixed a difficulty problem that occurred after floor 300 of the Mauler tower ‘The Brutal Citadel’ within the Towers of Esperia.

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Hero Balance Changes

Wu Kung, The Monkey King

  • Fixed a problem that was causing the clones from Wu Kong’s ‘Cloud Clones’ ability to be summoned with health lower than was intended.
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing Wu Kong’s’ Bludgeon’ ability from correctly hitting enemies.
  • Optimized the sound effects of Wu Kong’s ‘Falling Fury’ ability.

Rowan, The Roamer

  • The ability ‘Dazzle’ will no longer allow summon-able allies to recover energy.

Gorvo, The Indomitable

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the special effects of the ‘Battle Cry’ ability from matching up with Gorvo’s character model.

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