All Mobile Games (Android and iOS) releasing in May 2024

May is here!

Every month we look forward to what game we are getting this time, and in 2024, we have already reached the fifth month. Nevertheless, we can see that May 2024 is another promising one indeed, with amazing upcoming mobile games to hit your mobile screens. As always, I’m excited to share with you the latest releases we’re getting this time for both Android and iOS devices. So, get your device ready, hold on tight, and get ready to dive into unforgettable gaming adventures.

List of upcoming mobile games releasing in May 2024

Game NameRelease DateLinks
Backflip Madness 2May 1App Store
Slash Quest!May 2Google Play Store / App Store
The Valley of the ArchitectsMay 3App Store
Royal AffairsMay 4Google Play Store / App Store
Overdrive LegendsMay 5Google Play Store / App Store
Skel and DefenseMay 7App Store
Warbits PlusMay 7Google Play Store / App Store
The Enchanted WorldMay 7Google Play Store / App Store
Cat Mine: Idle RPGMay 7Google Play Store / App Store
Solo Leveling: AriseMay 8Google Play Store / App Store
Secret Land AdventureMay 8Google Play Store / App Store
No. 9May 8Google Play Store / App Store
Flame of ValhallaMay 9Google Play Store / App Store
Songs of TravelMay 9Google Play Store
Earn to Die RogueMay 9Google Play Store / App Store
Mini Airport: Idle PlanesMay 10Google Play Store / App Store
Athenian RhapsodyMay 14App Store
Braid: Anniversary EditionMay 14Google Play Store / App Store
Fortias SagaMay 15Google Play Store / App Store
Guild of GuardiansMay 15Google Play Store / App Store
Tales of TerrarumMay 16App Store
Amikin Survival: Anime RPGMay 16Google Play Store / App Store
Horcrux CollegeMay 17Google Play Store / App Store
Idle Strikers 1945May 21Google Play Store / App Store
Parcel PanicMay 22App Store
Wuthering WavesMay 23Google Play Store / App Store
Space Gladiators: PremiumMay 23Google Play Store / App Store
Hero Assemble: Epic Idle RPGMay 23Google Play Store / App Store
Bard CatMay 24Google Play Store / App Store
FFC: Four Fight ClubsMay 24Google Play Store / App Store
Hide N Seek AdventureMay 26Google Play Store / App Store
Dark Riddle 3: Strange HillMay 28Google Play Store / App Store
Construction Simulator 4May 28Google Play Store / App Store
Vampire The Masquerade: CoNYMay 28Google Play Store / App Store
Bowling FuryMay 29Google Play Store / App Store
Squad BustersMay 29Google Play Store / App Store
Lego: Hill Climb AdventuresMay 29Google Play Store / App Store
Trails of Cold Steel: NWMay 29Google Play Store / App Store
Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire!May 30Google Play Store / App Store
Tiny Animal War: GOMay 31Google Play Store / App Store
Cheech & Chong’s: Kush KingdomMay 31Google Play Store / App Store
Assault Lily Last Bullet WMay 31Google Play Store / App Store
UziverseMay 31App Store

Major Mobile Game releases to look forward to in May 2024

1. Wuthering Waves

Release Date: 23rd May 2024

First revealed in May 2022, the action-packed RPG Wuthering Waves is developed by Kuro Games, known for Punishing: Grey Raven. In Wuthering Waves, you play as Rover, waking up in a world destroyed by the Lament.

Wuthering Waves Beta Tests, Wuthering Waves
Image via Kuro Games

Explore and survive with the help of Resonator friends with fast combat moves like Extreme Evasion and Echo Skills to help defeat enemies. Collect Echoes for powerful abilities and uncover secrets in the vast open world of Solaris-3, and with stellar graphics, this is a game you don’t want to miss.

2. Solo Leveling: Arise

Release Date: 8th May 2024

Solo Leveling ARISE class types
Image via Netmarble

Solo Leveling: ARISE is the highly anticipated mobile action RPG that will be another one of the list of focuses. The title from Netmarble is something you don’t want to miss out on since the early access phase has stunned everyone with its gameplay.

3. Squad Busters

Release Date: 29th May 2024

Supercell’s Squad Busters is next in the queue, which was first announced in January 2023. The game held two beta tests altogether, first in February 2023 followed by another in May 2023 respectively before a soft launch in select regions on April 23, 2024.

Squad Busters second closed beta,Squad Busters customer support
Image via Supercell

In Squad Busters, every match is spiced up with super unique and dynamic fun. You get to grow your squad, loot bosses, and even bust your friends. Another interesting fact is that you can collect and evolve all-star characters from popular Supercell games.

4. Amikin Survival: Anime RPG

Release Date: 16th May 2024

Amikin Survival: Anime RPG is a new RPG title that combines the fun of monster catching and survival in the wild. Developed by Helio Games, Amikin Survival: Anime RPG takes you on a majestic journey to the Amkin universe filled with different kinds of monsters.

Meet the Amikins, magical creatures with specific powers and individualities, ready to help you in battle. Different types offer different abilities that you can tactically use to make your way to victory.

5. Lego: Hill Climb Adventures

Release Date: 30th May 2024

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is a new racing title in the popular Hill Climb Racing series, brought to you by Fingersoft. LEGO Hill Climb Adventures can be said to be the combination of the buzz in Hill Climb Racing with the creativity of LEGO.

Drive along numerous tracks with a variety of Hill Climb Racing and LEGO cars, with special NPC missions and a continuing storyline. Customize your vehicles with powerups and gadgets, finding secret pathways to earn bonus points as you master each track, once it launches.

6. Construction Simulator 4

Release Date: 29th May 2024

From the German studio Independent Arts Software comes Construction Simulator 4, another title bringing stunning graphics and over 80 vehicles and machines across 20+ partners beckon in Construction Simulator 4 for the thrill of construction.

Construction Simulator 4 cover
Image via astragon

Pinewood Bay, the newest Canadian-inspired landscape, and loads of close to 100 construction jobs are waiting for players to tackle in it. Detailed cockpits offer incredibly realistic driving, and players may enjoy cooperative multiplayer on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

7. The Enchanted World

Release Date: 7th May 2024

The Enchanted World is an epic puzzle adventure set in a mystical world torn by darkness. As part of your journey, together with a fearless fairy, travel through a beautiful 9 realms and solve more than 30 challenging tile sliding puzzles.

We bear witness to a story full of visual beauty and music, leading you to the climactic puzzle battle against a powerful boss. Interact with characters and surroundings as you walk winding paths, enjoy the original soundtrack, and go through a variety of emotions brought from your childhood memories.

8. Idle Strikers 1945

Release Date: 21st May 2024

Based on the popular franchise from Com2uS, we get to command a squadron of Strikers 1945 fighters to rewrite history. Fuse and strengthen your fighters, then strategize your formation for epic battles.

Idle Strikers 1945 cover
Image via Com2uS

Enjoy fast-paced, autopilot gameplay while collecting loot to develop your team. We can also challenge legendary bosses and climb the rankings in various dungeons with diverse content. The popular IP can be a beneficial factor to the game’s success, I believe.

9. Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire!

Release Date: 30th May 2024

Welcome to Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire where you will create the Gnarly and Grandiose Dogg Beach City with the best gnarly and grandiose businesses and the hottest G-mansion. Enjoy the Big Dogg’s Special Performances every day.

Customize your Dogg Beach City and mansion with unique decorations to match your non-stop style. Become the ultimate boss in making money and throwing lavish to the G-mansion with a wine fountain, a golden throne, and much more. Grind up and meet Snoop on stage and rap with the Dogg himself!

10. Braid Anniversary Edition

Release Date: 14th May 2024

Although it was scheduled for an April 2024 release, the popular puzzle platformer Braid will arrive this May with its Anniversary Edition via Netflix Games across multiple platforms. It aims to follow in the footsteps of the original 2008 release, and the new version comes with amazing new features.

braid anniversary edition cover
Image via Thekla

This version boasts a significant visual upgrade compared to the original, with hand-repainted graphics at 4K+ resolution. The audio experience is also revamped, featuring sound effects and music remixes with developer commentary.

Well, that’s all for our list of Mobile Games coming this May 2024. I say, get your Android and iOS devices ready! As you are waiting for the releases, check out other related articles

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