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Apex Legends Mobile is removing the penalty for leavers in non-ranked games

Lots of improvements are being made to the battle-royale game!

Apex Legends Mobile developers have confirmed that they are making a lot of improvements to certain features of the game including the removal of penalty for non-ranked games for leavers. The game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts was released last month.

The developers made the announcement with a tweet from the official handle of Apex Legends Mobile that the game is receiving some important changes to make the game more optimal for its players.

The removal of the leaver penalty in Apex Legends Mobile non-ranked matches might make the matches more casual

The most important addition to the Apex Legends Mobile upcoming changes is the removal of leaver penalties in non-ranked games. This is a good thing for the developers to take into consideration since players in non-ranked games were being awarded a lot of penalties.

Players enter into non-ranked matches to just enjoy the game casually and do not look for pushing their ranks and firing up the competition. So, it is kind of frustrating to receive penalties for leaving a casual match. It is good that developers have considered this and removed the penalties.

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The next major update coming to the game is the addition of more servers in the UK (United Kingdom), NA (North America), and FR (France). Developers are adding these to give players access to more servers as the number of players joining the game continues to grow. Also, the game will receive a small update which will improve the ping of all the servers.

The developers are also burning the midnight oil in optimizing some of the servers for faster matchmaking and smoother gameplay. Finally, they have also mentioned in the tweet that the server optimizations are just starting as they plan to optimize more servers in the game to give players the ultimate battle royale experience.

What are your thoughts on the removal of penalty for non-ranked games for leavers in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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