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Apex Legends Mobile: Upcoming Legend Loba’s abilities are reportedly leaked

Make the best Loot out of Loba’s ability

Apex Legends Mobile has been the talk of the town since it got released for mobile gamers. With its exciting features and graphics, it gained popularity in no time. Since it got released, it has been surprising its fans with new updates and characters with unique abilities. One such upcoming legend in Apex Legends Mobile is Loba whose abilities and appearance got leaked via a recent tweet that featured a video of her using her skills.

However, this is not the first time when the fans are hearing anything about the abilities of Loba, previously the leakers have datamined information regarding this character already, along with some other mobile-exclusive Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.

Introducing the Loba, the latest support legend

This legend specializes in getting the highest quality loot. As it can be seen in the video that she is able to teleport herself from one place to another. So here comes her first skill, a tactical ability which is called Burglar’s best friends which allows her to throw a bracelet that can teleport her to wherever it lands.

As the video goes on the second ability is revealed, which is quite amusing as it lets her seep purple and gold–tier loot through walls, which justifies why she is excellent for loot hunting. This passive ability is called Eye for Quality.

Loba’s ultimate ability is Black Market Boutique, this ability adds up to the loot as via this, a pillar can be placed that allows any player that interacts with it, to teleport ammunition and up to two items from the surrounding area directly to their inventory.

You won’t ever regret choosing Loba, as she will provide you with great utility for finding the exact loadout you are looking for. Loba is classed as a support legend alongside Lifeline, who is another legend in this game. Loba’s kit is all about loot. If your intuition says that the one with the best loot wins the game then Loba is the Legend for you.

When will Loba release in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Upcoming legends 2022 loba
Image via Electronic Arts

There is no information available regarding the release of Loba in Apex Legends Mobile. But according to sources, there are high chances that she might appear in the Battle Pass season 2.

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