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Apex Legends Mobile will not have emulator support at launch

For the past few weeks, the activity regarding Apex Legends Mobile has been at an all-time high, from the announcement of the global launch date to Electronic Arts teasing the mobile-exclusive legend Fade, which will be available at launch. With the countdown for the global launch nearing its end, the development team has revealed that Apex Legends Mobile will not have emulator support at the launch.

Apex Legends Mobile: No emulator support at launch

It is no doubt that the hype behind Apex Legends Mobile release is real, it was proved when the game crossed 10 million pre-registrations, just a few days after it was available for pre-registration. Last week, the development team announced the official global release date of the game, and also teased the mobile-exclusive legend Fade. Since then, leaked gameplay videos of Fade have taken over social media platforms with fans now, eagerly waiting to use the legend in-game.

For years, emulators have given some players an edge over others in mobile games. But, Apex Legends Mobile will not have an emulation setup, when it launches this Tuesday. The development team has confirmed, citing technical issues as a reason for the non-availability of support for emulation.

EA has enabled full controller support in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is built to suit the mobile gaming environment from scratch. When it comes to emulators, a lot of the time, players like to play mobile games using an emulator on a PC. The game’s anti-cheat system always flags this as hacking and immediately bans and restricts players from playing the game further. This further leads to players being flagged as hackers, often getting banned from playing the game for a long time.

Apex Legends Mobile no controller emulator
Image via Electronic Arts

Myke Hoff said that the development team is in talks with Google, which is currently building a native mobile emulator for PC. This hints at emulation support being introduced to the game, while the development team says it wouldn’t be available for some time after the launch.

Although, emulation support is currently not available for Apex Legends Mobile. Players can still make the most out of the game since it’s made for mobile from scratch. Players can make use of the diverse weapon combinations to win against opponents, as it launches on the 17th of May, 2022 on Android and iOS devices.

What are your thoughts on emulator support not being available in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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