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Apex Legends Mobile might support 90 FPS for Android at launch

New data from private beta shows the game has 90 FPS support

New images that have surfaced online have shown that Apex Legends Mobile has 90 FPS support for Android devices. @APEXZONENEWS, a Twitter account that tweets information related to the game, has posted pretty convincing images showing Apex Legends Mobile reaching a maximum of 89.3 FPS and average around 84.7 FPS. 

However, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt since nothing has been confirmed from Respawn as of now and the gamers need to wait until the soft launch and see if the options are actually available in the game or not.

Chinese private beta for Apex Legends Mobile reportedly had 90 FPS support for Android Devices 

The images were from the Chinese Private Beta and 90 FPS support is a pretty cool feature for players who have the hardware capability to run the game at those settings. 90 FPS is still something a majority of mobile gamers are yet to experience. Although titles like CoDM and PUBGM have the option, it’s locked down to certain devices only. 

Although 60 FPS is currently considered to be the standard for gaming at the moment, 90 FPS feels a lot smoother and better. Now Respawn Entertainment is yet to confirm anything and 90 FPS is not something that the game is advertising as a feature yet.

Apex Legends Mobile release May 2022
Apex Legends Mobile: Beta test (Image via Electronic Arts)

Also, while the data isn’t available for iOS devices, it’s likely that iPads and iPhone users will also be able to enjoy the game at 90 FPS too. Last year, Respawn added 60 FPS support for the game. 

The feature might even be available during the upcoming soft launch which should cement the claims and confirm that the game will have support for 90 FPS gameplay when it launches globally. It’s cool to see Respawn testing a bunch of different features and content as the game gears up for launch. 

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